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  • Edison Safes F6636 Foraker Series 30-120 Minute Fire Rating - 56 Gun Safe - F6636
  • Edison Safes F6636 Foraker Series 30-120 Minute Fire Rating - 56 Gun Safe - F6636
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    Item #: F6636
    Availability: Edison Custom Built 6 to 8 week lead time
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    Foraker Series F6636

    1/4" Door - 10 Gauge Body - 11 Locking Bolts

    PLEASE NOTE: Build time is an estimate. These are custom built safes and each one is different depending on size, color, lock type, interior options, etc. Some safes may take longer than the listed ship by date.


    • Door Steel Thickness: 1/4" Steel
    • Body Steel Thickness: 10 Gauge
    • Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes
    • Independent bolt system
    • 11 Live Locking Bolts(5 Left, 5 right, 1 top)
    • Duo Re-lockers
    • UL Listed Locks
    • UL RSC Rated
    • CA DOJ Rated

    Fire Protection

    • 30 Minute Standard Fire Rating (Upgrade-able to 60, 90, 120 Minutes)
    • 5/8" Fire-board on all sides
    • Door seal that expands to 7 times the standard size to keep out heat and smoke when fire is present


    • Exterior Hinges
    • Removable Door
    • 180┬░ swing door
    • Handle Style Options
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Non Carpeted Walls (Carpeting Standard on Elias, and McKinley Series)
    • 60" high safes come with 1 top shelf


    • Exterior Dimensions: 66"H x 36"W x 28"D
    • Cubic Feet: 37 Cubic Feet
    • Weight: 814 lbs with standard fire rating

    Edison Safes

    Backed by a company with over 37 years of experience in the safe industry, Edison Safes are all made right here in the United States by United States workers. We strive to give our customers an exceptional product that can be passed down for generations. Edison Safes knows that your valuables are important, and protecting your family is even more important, that is why we bring you products ranging from the industry standard of 12 gauge steel for when the budget is tight, all the way to 1/2" steel door and 1/4" body.

    We want you to have the exact safe that you have always wanted at a price that makes sense. Our company also understands that not every safe works for everyone, that is why we have opened up our safes to be customized to your liking, whether it be an all gun interior as opposed to all shelves, or having the ability to have a redundant lock so that there can be ease of access and the reliability of a mechanical lock, we give you that option. If fire protection is not a worry for you, why pay for it? We start off our fire rating at 30 minutes, and allow for it to be upgraded multiple levels all the way to 120 minutes for a reasonable price.

    If you are interested in options that aren't seen here, please give us a call at 1-855-248-6723! We more than likely can make that happen for you. This includes paint options, interior options, steel options, and more!


    The Foraker series of Edison safes comes standard with a 10 gauge body, and a 1/4" Steel plate door. This is comparable to many other manufacturers high end safes! We continue to give you more security by supplying 6 pre-drilled anchor holes in the bottom of our safes to allow for the safe to be drilled to the floor to keep the most determined thieves from removing the safe to break into it away from your location. Our 11 Live (Active) bolts are placed on both sides, bottom, and the top. This DOJ and RSC Rated safe comes with 2 spring loaded re-lockers.

    Fire Protection

    Here at Edison Safes, we want you to have the confidence in your safe that it is exactly what you wanted. That is why we have left it up to you to decide what fire rating you would like! The Blackburn series comes standard with a 30 minute fire rating that has been reliably tested, and can be upgraded to 60 minutes, 90 minutes and all the way up to 120 minutes for a reasonable charge. This fire-board is placed on all 6 sides for maximum protection in any circumstance. With our exterior hinge design we do not have to remove any fire-board to contain an internal hinge, so you can rest assured that your valuables are protected. To top it off our door seal is placed around the door jamb to protect your belongings from fire and smoke, this seal will expand to almost 8 times its original size to completely seal off the safe from the harsh elements.


    All Edison Safes come with an exterior hinge that allows for the door to be removed. Removing the door can allow for an easier move if the safe needs to be relocated as it can contain almost 1/3 of the safes weight. This hinge type also allows for a complete 180┬░rotation of the door, which means the contents of the safe are that much more accessible. We do supply multiple door handle options ranging from the standard L-shaped handle to the 5-spoke premium handle. We definitely recommend taking a look at our door organizer to store your pistols, and other valuables in, as well as the LED light kits that make finding items in the dark a breeze.

    Additional Option Description

    Door Panel Organizer

    The Edison door panel organizer is equipped with heavy duty nylon, the velcro strips hold many different accessories, it has small pockets, elastic for clips or grips, medium pockets and large document pockets on the bottom

    Locking Bolt on Bottom of Door

    A locking bolt on the bottom of an Edison safe is very helpful when the safe is not going to be bolted to the floor. When not anchored, a safe can be tipped onto it's back and then the thief will attack the bottom of the door. When anchored, the thief cannot get leverage on the bottom of the door, thus making this bolt unnecessary.

    Additional Shelving

    At Edison, we understand that even with the multiple layouts that we provide, everyone may need to customize it even further. That is why we allow the purchase of additional shelving for a low additional cost. This includes the large shelf that is for the top of the unit, a smaller shelf for the bottom sides of the safe, and even a modified long shelf that is able to contain longer rifles such as a black powder rifle.

    Hinge Side

    The standard hinges side for an Edison safe is left side hinge, the reason for this is to allow for easy access to the safe with the dominant hand. The majority of people on earth are right hand dominant, so it only makes sense to keep that hand available to quickly grab your rifle. However for the left hand dominant crowd, Edison allows for right hand hinge at absolutely no additional cost. This is just another way how Edison further allows anyone to have exactly the safe that is perfectly set up for them.


    • Exterior Dimensions: 66"H x 36"W x 28"D
    • Cubic Feet: 37 Cubic Feet
    • Weight: 814 lbs with standard fire rating

    Lifetime Warranty

    We strive to be the most honest safe manufacture in the industry. We tell you everything about our warranty up front. All of Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) have the same lifetime warranty. We offer an extended 10 year or lifetime warranty on a variety of locks (BigRed Mechanical, S&G Mechanical, LaGard Electronic, LaGard Redundant).

    Edison Safe Warranty:

    Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) warrants the Edison Safe to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery. Internal parts such as locks are subject to the warranties issued by the manufacturer of these units, see below. Paint carries a two year warranty from original purchase date.

    Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) will repair or replace, at our option, free of charge any Edison safe broken into by forced entry during the warranty period. The safe must have been locked with the combination lock or digital lock, (not the day key only) and been securely bolted to the floor and/or wall. The damaged safe must be returned to the factory for evaluation (transportation charges prepaid by returning party) along with a report written by the investigating authorities. A new safe will be sent to the original owner of the damaged unit freight collect.

    Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) will also repair, free of charge, any Edison safe damaged in a forced-entry burglary attempt, providing homeowners insurance will not cover the claim. The safe must be returned to the factory, by prepaid freight, for evaluation along with a report made by investigating authorities. The repaired or replacement safe will be returned to the owner freight collect.

    This warranty does not apply to damage or loss resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, and improper installation or scratching of paint, normal wear and tear or negligence.

    All unauthorized repairs or modifications performed (i.e.: lock installation, combination changes on combination locks, etc.) will void the warranty.

    The responsibility of Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts at the Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) factory in Simi Valley, CA., or at a point designated by Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) with all transportation charges paid by the original purchaser.

    The implied warranty of merchant ability with all other implied warranties on Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) are hereby excluded and disclaimed. As a result, there are no warranties extending beyond those expressively stated in this limited warranty.

    Warranty registration must be received to Edison Safes(C&H welding, Inc) within three (3) months of the purchase date of the safe.

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