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    Item #: DU-HA-100011
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    Fitment Info:
    Please read this to make sure you are ordering correctly!

    On this model of truck, you have to open the front door to open the back door. The front doors open the opposite direction of the back doors. The back door only opens partially (it does NOT swing open all the way to the truck bed). Also, the side windows in the back seat do NOT roll down.

    Fits Chevrolet and GMC Silverado/Sierra Extended Cab - 99-07 (Classic)* #10001 Dk Gray #10003 Tan

    Fits 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton, models.
    *Does not fit 06-07 (Classic) 5'8" extra short box model.

    Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
    Dimensions: L 57.25 x W 14.25 x H 9.25
    Total weight: 19 lbs


    Seat Up Seat Down DU-HA installed in Chevy/GMC Extended Cab
    Seat is shown in the latched up position.
    Seat is shown in latched
    down position.
    Seat is shown with DU-HA installed.
    DU-HA wth both dividers
    DU-HA with 1 divider
    DU-HA without dividers
    DU-HA is shown with both
    DU-HA with one divider
    makes it very universal.
    DU-HA with no dividers can
    store larger items.
    DU-HA w/dividers & gun racks
    Optional Lock Kit
    DU-HA 2-piece STANDARD organizer/gun rack is made of soft material so it doesn't damage guns.
    Make your back seat into a safe. Seat locked using the optional custom black DU-HA lock kit.
    Sportsman's Chevy/GMC Extended Cab
    Sportsman's Chevy/GMC Extended Cab w/DU-HA
    This model holds 4 guns
    Perfect for the sportsman.
    Take all this...
    ...and have it look like this!
    Holds 4 rifles or shotguns, 2 with scopes. Acts as a
    legal gun case in most states with seats latched down.
    This DU-HA holds both hard & soft cases
    This DU-HA is held in place using straps
    Straps simply loop through seat belt brackets
    The DU-HA will store guns in cases...even a hard case.
    Straps fasten to the seat belt brackets to secure in place.
    Easy installation.
    Simply loop straps through
    the seat belt brackets.
    Dividers and gun racks are removable
    Assembles in seconds!
    DU-HA divided into 10 compartments
    Comes with dividers & gun rack.
    Picture shows removable parts.
    Dividers and gun rack
    assemble in seconds!
    DU-HA shown with dividers and organizers/gun rack installed. The DU-HA is divided into separate storage compartments with the standard organizer/gun rack and dividers in place.
    Contractor's messy truck
    Contractor's truck organized with a DU-HA
    DU-HA shown installed
    Perfect for the contractor.
    Don't let your backseat look
    like this...
    ...have it look like this!
    No more items taking up floor
    and seating space.
    For added storage, place items securely on shelf behind
    the DU-HA.
    Keep your valuables safely
    hidden under your backseat.
    Small spikes underneath keep the DU-HA from sliding around


    • Dimensions: L 57.25 x W 14.25 x H 9.25
    • Total weight: 19 lbs

    Includes 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.