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Don't Mess with Liberty Safes Featuring Monster Mech

Some Liberty safes have a new feature called a Monster Mech, which Liberty label's a A Thief's worst nightmare. This made me wonder, what is Monster Mech and how does it work? Who would want one and why? Since we are in the market for a new safe, I decided to find out, because by answering these questions I could see if this feature is important for me to have in a safe.

The primary way that that a safe is secured is through the bolts; and thieves know that if they can force the bolts to move inward, they can open the safe. This is often accomplished through bashing the side of the safe where the bolts are located and by prying at the door. If an experienced thief has a little time and a location where noise doesn't matter, he can break into many traditional home and gun safes

Liberty safes Monster Mech offers increased security in a couple of different ways. Just one way is through the bolts themselves. The bolts are larger; they both extend further and are fatter than traditional safe bolts, plus the Liberty safes with Monster Mech simply have more bolts. These improvements make the safe ten times stronger than other safes.

Another neat thing about the Monster Mech is how the locking mechanism works. The best way to look at this is to consider the following. Even with the locks disengaged, the over center cam technology can take the toughest blows without any pressure on the lock. On a standard safe without this technology, you can push a bolt in with just your finger if the lock is disengaged.

A concern some safe owners have is putting too much torque on the handle when they are opening and closing the safe. Liberty safes with Monster Mech come with a sure tight handle with slip clutch innovation. The way this works is similar to a ratchet wrench.

So those are the basics of Monster Mech and how it works. So, who would want one? I would say anyone who has any valuables that they want to protect. If you are a collector of such items as coins, stamps, baseball cards, etc. and are known to have a fairly large collection, this would be an important feature to consider. If you have expensive jewelry or smaller antiques, this extra security could be important, or if you keep a large amount of cash at home. Another consideration could be where you live. If crime is a problem, then Liberty safes with the Monster Mech may be an ideal option.

Liberty safes stand by their products, and they have thousands of happy customers. They had one customer who purchased a safe with the new GX-480 Monster Mech installed. It was only a few weeks later that thieves tried to break into their safe. After five hours, they gave up. The tools they used included: 4 pry bars, 3 crowbars, 1 pick ax, 1 sledge hammer, 1 hatchet, 1 hammer drill, 1 punch, and 1 electric saw. This example alone shows how tough these safes are with this great locking mechanism!

As Liberty safes likes to say, "It's bigger, it's stronger, it's meaner, it's the Monster Mech". These safes are tough, so if you need the extra protection, due to the items you need to protect or concerns about potential burglary, then one of these Liberty safes may be the best option for you.