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Console Vaults Call Them What You Will

Call them what you will: console vaults, auto vaults, truck vaults or vehicle vaults; having a means to secure firearms or valuables in your car is almost necessary these days.  Designed to be seamlessly inserted into your factory console, they are ideal for quick, secure and discreet storage of your valuables or handgun within your car, truck or SUV.  Conveniently, there is no modification that needs to be made to your vehicle and/or factory console, they simply drop in and are easily secured with punch bolts.  Installation literally takes only 10 minutes!

Manufactured in the US by Console Vault, they are constructed with 12-guage cold rolled plate steel, with welded tabs and notch seams, a five point locking system and a high security barrel lock or, if you prefer not to have to depend on a key for access, you can choose the optional three tumbler keyless lock.  Designed with safety and accessibility in mind, these vehicle vaults have proven to be the preferred automotive safe for law enforcement and government officials, not only in the US, but all over the world.

Available for most major vehicle makes and models from 2007 to present, Console Vault continues to develop compatible vaults for the newest cars, SUV’s and trucks to hit the showroom floor.  However, if there currently isn’t a specific vault to meet your needs, a Universal model is a possible alternative.  Available in two options, one pistol vault can slide under your seat and can be secured with a steel cable, very similar to a briefcase, while the other gun vault can sit out in the open, deceptively disguised as a cup holder.  Either option offers exceptional security, discretion and peace of mind.

If you are looking to secure a firearm, or simply to toss in your wallet and sunglasses, choosing to install a vehicle safe simply make sense and offers you the confidence you deserve while on the road.  So, whether you’re in need of a vehicle vault for your Chevy, Ford, Toyota or Hummer, Console Vault has you, your family and your valuables covered.