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  • Console Vault GMC Sierra Under Seat Console: 2008 - 2014 - 1014-GMCS
Price: $269.00
    Item #: 1014-GMCS
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    Product Details

    This is the GMC Sierra Under-the-Seat Console Vault. It has been designed specifically for years 2008-2014 vehicles. This vehicle storage solution is a regular option for law enforcement as it adds a layer of security within the vehicle by both hiding the vault and its contents from view as well as securing such contents under lock. The safe offers a large amount of storage space and the finished trim gives the appearance that this safe was factory installed directly by GMC. Installation takes 5-10 minutes using hardware already built into the vehicle.

    This Model 1014 Console Vault allows a power supply to be used inside the safe. It has an over-sized lid so that you can easily see the contents within the vault. It is also equipped with three (3) choices for locking mechanisms: (1) a high security barrel key lock, (2) a 3-digital keyless lock, or (3) a 4-digital keyless lock.

    Standard Features

    • Secures to factory console bolts.
    • Superior 3 point locking system resists prying.
    • Drill resistant locks.
    • Massive 12 gauge cold rolled plate steel, welded tab and notch seams.
    • Easy 10 minute installation.
    • Choose the combo lock (3 or 4 digit) or high security barrel key lock.
    • Perfectly balanced spring assisted door.
    • Bank vault style hinge latch pins.
    Supported GMC Sierra Years:

    2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

    Weight - 14 lbs

    Limited 1 year warranty

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    GMC under seat console vault for a 2011 Sierra

    First let me start off with saying this is a nicely constructed vault that fits beautifully in the console. The vault is constructed exactly to the dimensions of the console. It has a cut out for the pre-existing power outlet so it can still be utilized. There is also plenty of room for a full size 1911 and multiple clips with space to spare. When installed, the factory console lock can still be utilized to add more security.

    Now for the disappointments. First it lists under the product description that it "uses hardware already built into the vehicle" for installation. Well the installation hardware could possibly be used somewhere on the vehicle, but there is no pre-existing hardware in the console. I should have checked on this point so it is my own fault. You will have to make new holes inside of the console to secure this vault. Next, under product description, it lists the option of a 3 or 4 digital keyless lock. Wrong again. If you read further down it says combo lock. This is what this vault actually has. It utilizes 3 or 4 dials (depending on the option you select) that you turn until the numbers of the combination you set are lined up. Similar to a TSA padlock for luggage that has the little wheels that you turn for the combination. I think the barrel lock key would have been the best choice.

    Overall, once all is said and done, this vault will do the job of securing your firearm if you need to leave it in the vehicle. Would have given this product 5 stars if it was more concise on the decription and I wasnt disappointed when I opened the package.


    2008 gmc sierra gun safe

    Ordered a gun safe for my 2008 gmc sierra and arrived at my door 2 days later.. Installed in my truck in 5 minutes perfect fit easy instructions to set your own combination code .. Love the product fit and finish is great would recomend to anyone who carrys a gun like me all the time and get to places who won't allow you to carry inside don't have to worry about an easy to steal gun laying in your truck .. Also like its big enough to fit a full size handgun and some 33 round clips with room to spare .. Great product fast shipping thanks again

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