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Looking for a cheap gun safe?

So you want a gun safe, but you don’t want to pay a lot of money, you are basically looking for a cheap gun safe. But what does the word “cheap” mean. It has quite a variety of definitions, some meaning virtually the opposite of other definitions. Let’s take a look at the meanings of cheap.

In the dictionary that came with my computer, cheap as an adjective can mean:

  • (an item for sale) low in price; worth more than it cost: they bought some cheap fruit / local buses were reliable and cheap.
  • (if prices or other charges) low: my rent was pretty cheap.
  • charging low prices: a cheap restaurant.
  • inexpensive because of inferior quality: cheap, soddy goods.
  • informal, miserly; stingy: she’s too cheap to send me a postcard.
  • of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort: her moment of cheap triumph.
  • deserving of contempt: a cheap trick


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The word originated in the late 15th century from on obsolete phrase ‘good cheap’ meaning ‘a good bargain’, the word was from Old English cap (bargaining, trade) which is based on Latin capo meaning ‘small trader, innkeeper’.

In modern society, cheap can have a positive connotation which means getting something for a low price that is worth more than it costs. It can also have a negative connotation meaning that something is of little worth, or is inexpensive because of inferior quality.

Now, when someone does a google search for a ‘cheap gun safe’, they are not looking for anything of inferior quality. They are looking for a top quality safe for a good price. Is that possible? Can you find a quality gun safe for cheap? Or do you sacrifice quality for price?

I believe that you can get a quality cheap gun safes, and since safes are rated, you can be guaranteed a certain amount of protection. Safes are rated according to how hot of a fire it can withstand and for how long. Most brands of safes are tested by the independent Underwriters Laboratory (UL). One very important thing to realize when you are shopping for a gun safe is that you want a safe that is “UL Listed”. This means that the product has actually passed a UL test. If a product is labeled “Tested to UL Standards” that means that the product has been submitted for testing, but does not mean that it passed the test. Fire Safes are subjected to fire by UL for various lengths of times and at different temperatures. In order for a safe to earn a UL classification, items stored inside must remain completely undamaged. So, if you find a cheap gun safe labeled “Tested to UL Standards” , then it is cheap in a negative way. But if it is cheap and is labeled “UL Listed”, then it is cheap in a positive way.

Of course, you can get a cheap - inexpensive because of inferior quality - form of security for your guns in another way. It is called a lock box, filing cabinet or locker. Those may be quality items for their intended use, but are inferior when it comes to securing your guns. Your firearms should be kept somewhere that is hard to rob, and where your guns are also kept safe from hazards such as fire. So go ahead and search for a cheap gun safe, now you know how to make sure you find a cheap gun safe that can properly secure your fire arms.