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American Security Information

Since 1948, American Security safes and security solutions have provided protection. AMSEC started in a small building in Paramount, CA and it wasn't long after that they pioneered the production of round door vaults. These served as the industry standard for decades.

While offering excellent security, the round vault doors were very expensive to manufacture. As the demand for safes grew in the 1960’s AMSEC developed a new door construction that was more cost effective; square doors cut from plates of steel.

In 1994, AMSEC found a new way to withstand the expertise of the modern day burglar. They developed a safe utilizing a composite construction. These new American Security safes combined hard plate steel and high strength concrete to offer greater protection.

American Security Safes and Ratings

AMSEC was the first domestic company to obtain Underwriters Laboratories’ coveted TL15 and TL30 burglary rating on a high security composite safe. They continue to lead the industry as the producer of burglar resistant safes with nine UL listings for various products. American Security gun safes include an array of products including hand gun safes, home security safes, fire resistant data safes, floor safes, wall safes, and vault doors. An American Security safe comes with a lifetime warranty.