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A Truck Vault for Securing Valuables in Your Vehicle

TruckVault has been around a while, and it originated the best way- filling demand for good products. Al Chandler built a set of drawers for his truck to haul his guns, fishing equipment, etc, and as other people saw his system, they asked him to build one for them too. And so, TruckVault was born.

What exactly are truck vaults? They are "in-vehicle storage solutions" which also protect against theft by keeping your large valuables out of sight, and preventing "smash and grab" robberies.

Despite the name, truck vaults are also very popular for SUV's and other vehicles. Even if there is not a product specifically made for your vehicle, chances are they will be able to modify one to fit yours perfectly. They also build many custom truck vaults to customers' exact specifications. They are widely used by police, fire and law enforcement agencies, and are the most widely used product in the vehicle storage market.

Truck vaults are made from MDO- Medium Density Overlay. It's the same material used for highway sign boards, which have to be incredibly durable. MDO does not attract moisture, making it much safer for you to store firearm, cameras and other sensitive materials in your truck vault than it would be if it were made from metal. MDO is also much quieter than metal, so there is no banging or rattling from your vault as you drive. The drawers extend to within 4 inches of vault length, which means there is no wasted space and you always have easy access, while the anti break-in brackets each truck vault has will prevent any pry attack entry.

The tops of truck vaults can support loads of as much as 2,000 lbs or more, so it can handle pretty much anything you can get on top of it, from four-wheelers to sandbags. The Extreme Series vaults are made for use in harsh environments. They are wrapped in a waterproof Line-X protective liner, and will stand up to most anything they're subjected to.

Truck vaults are used by all kinds of people for all kinds of purposes. If there's anything you need stored and protected, a truck vault is right for you. Hunters or fishermen have exactly what they need for equipment storage and organization. Necessities are on hand, easy to find, and securely stored. Birdwatchers, outdoor photographers, hikers, bikers, climbers, sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts find exactly what they need in a truck vault. There are one and multiple drawer configurations, and they can also be offset, so you are able to choose the precise set up you want.

The installation process has been fine tuned, so for some vehicles, it takes mere minutes, while for large trucks it can take up to an hour. They are large products, though, so it's recommended that two people are on hand to install them. They come fully assembled, except where components must be joined. They can be easily removed at any time and re-installed later.

Caring for a truck vault is very simple; just vacuum from time to time, and care for it like you would any household appliance.

TruckVault is an American company and takes pride in contributing to the U.S. economy. It is a licensed manufacturer for General Motors- another attestation to the high quality and great value of its products. They've even gone a step further and gone completely green. The carpeting is made from post consumer content-recycled materials, which reduces the amount of polyester polymers dumped in landfills. Even better, it resists stains, doesn't ravel or fray, provides sound dampening and reduces moisture condensation. Even the carpet glue is certified green. All hardware- from rollers to handles to locks, etc, is made from recyclable metals and plastics. The rubber mat material is 97% recycled rubber and is easily cleaned with soap and water. So not only are truck vaults easy on the environment, they're easy on you, too!

No matter what you have to store, in whatever vehicle, you're sure to find just what you need with TruckVault. Its commitment to quality ensure that you'll get a top-quality product, and you can rest easy, knowing your valuables are secure from both theft and damage.