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A Sentry Fire Safe to Help you Avoid Total Destruction in a Fire

The weather turned cold the other week, so it was time to load up the wood burning stove to get some heat in the house. We have had a wood burning stove in the past, but not for about 12 years, so we have to get accustomed to maintaining a fire again. But, I love wood heat, so it is worth the effort. However, the wood stove also got me to thinking about safety issues as well. I know two people who had their home burn to the ground last year (neither due to a wood stove), and realize that fire is a danger to anyone. Obviously there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of fire, but there are also steps that can be taken to protect you and your valuables when a fire does occur. And that first basic step is a Sentry fire safe.

We have just a small Sentry fire safe chest. In it we keep some important documents and a few valuables, but it really doesn't hold much. However, early on in our married life, it was good enough. But now I realize that it is not good enough any more. Some of our most important valuables are sentimental. My one friend who lost most everything in the fire says that her greatest loss were her scrapbooks. She was an avid scrapbooker, and in them were cherished memories of her son's childhood. They were all lost in the fire. And she was someone who was home and did have a chance to get important things out of the house before all was lost. But the fire was electrical and started in one of the walls, the wall where all her scrapbooks were stored.

When I think of items I would keep in a larger Sentry fire safe, things like photos are at the top of my list. Obviously, things like photo albums and scrapbooks are nice to keep out for easy access, but you can keep digital back-ups, copies of second prints and negatives in a fire resistant safe. My friend was saying what she wouldn't give to have a single scrapbook page that showed the stages of her son's life while growing up.

You may have other sentimental items, but only you will know what those items are: family heirlooms that have been handed down though generations, special items that belonged to a loved one who has passed away, or keepsakes from your children's lives that have special meaning.

Besides sentimental items, you want a good Sentry fire safe for your important documents, collectibles, any fire arms and valuables. So take all this into consideration when determining what size of safe you need. Also consider how much protection you want or need. Based on your homes construction, location, distance from a fire department and age, among other things, can determine your risk factor to how long and hot a fire would burn before it could be put out. All fire resistant safes are rated for how long it can withstand a fire and at what temperatures.

Don't take any risks. Fires can happen to anyone at any time. A fire is devastating no matter what, but you can take precautions by protecting your valuables in a Sentry fire safe. That way everything would not be a total loss.