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A Large Variety of American Security Safes

American Security Safes is a leading US safe manufacturer, and makes a larger variety of types of safes than many of its competitors. There is obviously fire safes and burglary or security safes, but then there are the safes that are designed to serve a specific purpose.

The first and quite common type of safe that many companies make is the gun safe. They have the regular style of large safe for rifles or long guns, which are also capable of holding a variety of other items. A great alternate version they have of the gun safe is an oak cabinet that looks like a padded bench seat that would look great in any bedroom or den. The lid is on hydraulic pistons so that the door opens and closes easily. The inside is a full strength safe with multiple locking bolts. They also have multiple smaller safes designed specifically for handguns.

American Security safes makes a lot of different safes that fall in their burglary category. Some of these are as basic as cash or key boxes, and others are more advanced and heavy duty like their electronic security safes. They also make some great hotel (or residential) electronic safes. These are specially designed for hotel guests, and are extremely user friendly. They are designed to secure cameras, jewelry, laptop computers and other valuables while guests are out of their room.

AMSEC also makes high security money chests that qualify for special insurance and bank ratings. These are some of the most secure safes available, and have many great features and options. Some of the options include a spyproof dial, access control systems and a 15 minute time delay lock.

There are a variety of depository safes also manufactured by American Security Safes. These safes allow for a deposit to be made at any time by any body. Besides just a basic slot (either front or top drop), some have doors that allow for larger deposits like jewelry or other valuables. Some of these doors have a top or front-loading hoppers, a reverse hopper or a deposit chute.

They also makes a couple of different floor safes. Most of the ones I have seen before are the round, canister type floor safe that comes in a variety of lengths. But American Security also have larger, square body floor safes. These are great for both fire protection and security when installed in a concrete floor. You can get these with optional drop slots or depository chutes.

Besides making safes that can be hidden in the floor, AMSEC also makes wall safes, such as the type traditionally seen in movies hidden behind pictures. Another style they manufacture are under counter safes, which is great for small businesses that want as little cash exposed as possible to reduce theft from both external and internal sources. They also make teller lockers for banks.

One really neat thing that American Security safes makes is a vault door. This turns an entire room into a secure place to protect a large collection of valuables. Or you can install it so that the door swings in, then it can double as a storm shelter and you can be confident that the door will open, even if the outside of the door is blocked by debris.

One last unique security product that AMSEC makes are storage cabinets. These are elegant locking wood cabinets that come in two and four door options (similar to a filing cabinet). It differs though because as well as file drawers, you can get drawers that are specially designed and padded for jewelry.

As you can tell, American Security safes make a wide range of products to suit anybody's security needs, and if they do not have what you are looking for, then don't worry because they also make custom safes.

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