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5 Tips To Keep Your Gun Safe Maintained

A gun safe is a lifetime investment that helps you protect firearms and valuables. Aside from the regular cleaning of firearms, you must also be aware of how to maintain your gun safe as well. The maintenance of your gun safe will keep your firearms in good condition but more importantly, it will contribute to ensure safety at all times. You need to clean the interior and exterior of the safe regularly, and avoid any problems with the locking mechanisms. Here are some tips on how to maintain your gun safe:

1. Dust :You should remove the dirt from the exterior of safe once a month. This will help you maintain and preserve the exterior finish of your gun safe to keep it looking shiny and new. You should use a duster or a soft cloth that won’t scratch the safe.

2. Cleaning: You should clean every nook and corner of your gun safe once a month. You can use gentle formula of either straight water, or mild soap and water to clean the metal parts of the safe. You should use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean the exterior of gun safes with gloss, textured, or powdered finish.

3. Bolts and Seals: You should lubricate the front side and bottom of the bolts once a year. This is done to prevent the gun-safe from sticking and jamming. You should also check fire seals for any damage and replace it in case of any issue.

4.Lock: Lock is one of the most important parts of a gun safe. You should have the locks serviced once a year even if they look like they don’t need it. Many gun safes insurance also cover locks, so you can have them serviced under insurance as well.

5. Humidifiers: You should install a dehumidifier in the safe so that it can remove all the moisture from the safe. The moisture can not only damage the safe, but also allow mold to grow inside the safe which can lead to the bigger problems.

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