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Item #: GS5942ML
Availability: Discontinued notify me
Price: $2,899.95
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    Product Details

    Comparable Safe Features:
    Body Thickness: 10 Gauge
    Fire Rating: 2.5 Hours at 1200 Degrees
    Locking Bolts: 8, 1" Diameter
    Bolt Coverage: 2 Sides
    Max Long Gun Capacity: 39
    Weight: 1100 lbs.
    External Dimensions: 59"H X 42"W X 26"D (add 3" of depth for handle)
    Internal Dimensions: 52"H x 37"W x 18"D

    Meets or exceeds the California Department of Justice requirements for an approved firearm safety device under CA Penal Code section 12087, et seq. The Rhino 5942 will give you unparalleled peace of mind and security against fire and theft. Rhino’s innovative design isolates and insulates the safe’s interior and your valuables from metal parts of the door and door frame that could transfer heat during a fire. Dual expanding door seals and up to 3.125" of fire protective material, combine with this design for truly outstanding fire protection. This safe is also packed with security features you will not find anywhere else like hardened locking bolts, patented tungsten carbide drill protection plate, patented relocking system, and an additional, full coverage, 3/16" thick steel protection plate in the door. This safe is the ultimate in protection and is backed with the best warranty and customer service in the industry. Custom built in the USA using your color and lock choices.

    • Heavy 10 gauge steel
    • 2.5 Hour/1200 degree fire rating
    • UL® RSC security rating
    • Durable baked-on powder coat in Coppervein color
    • Commercial grade electronic lock
    • Deluxe 5 spoke vault style handle
    • Oversized ball bearing adjustable hinges with decorative hinge caps
    • Factory installed fluorescent lighting
    • Best warranty and customer service in the industry
    • 4 holes measuring 3/8” under the floor board with plastic caps. Bolt down hardware not included (recommend using a 3/8” wedge anchor for concrete)
    • The e-lock takes a 9 volt battery. They recommend either a Duracell or Energizer brand battery.

    Security Features:

    • Heavy bodied construction – 1100 LBS, 10 gauge
    • 4.5” thick door
    • Full coverage 3/16” thick protection plate in door
    • Dial lock or Lagard e-lock option
    • Patented Tungsten Carbide hard plate to protect the lock
    • Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed
    • Multiple re-lockers
    • Exclusive, hardened steel locking bolts.

    Fire Protection:

    • 2.5 Hour/1200 degree F fire protection
    • Unique design isolates and insulates safe interior from metal door
    • Dual expandable door seals – helps keep out smoke and heat


    • Thick quality automotive grade upholstery
    • Holds up to 39 rifles
    • Adjustable shelving. 
    • Predrilled for anchoring to the floor 
    • Factory installed fluorescent light with external plug and power cord.
    • External hinge door, fully opening provides greater access than internal hinged designs.

    Available Colors:

    Available Colors


    • 59"H x 42"W x 26"D (Add 3" of depth for the handle & hinge)
    • Weight: 1100 lbs.
    Click Here to View Warranty Information

    Rhino Metals States the following about delivery:

    Before you sign the delivery receipt and let the driver leave:

    • Ensure you have received every piece noted on your packing slip.
    • Inspect every piece individually. Make sure they have no exterior damage, open properly, and that the interior is intact.
    • If any damage has been found, make detailed notes on the delivery receipt and contact the shipper immediately.
    • You have the right to refuse the freight if there is any freight damage. If you choose to do so, call us at 1-800-540-1695
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    South Texas

    Great Buy!

    I placed my order for this safe and the fine folks at delivered just as advertised. The safe is all I will ever need to secure my guns and other keepsakes.

    This particular safe is heavy! I did not pay extra for the white glove service but after all the trouble I went through to get it into the house you might consider it. The right equipment will make all the difference in the world.



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