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Safe Manufacturers Articles & Information:

Amsec Safes Articles

AMSEC Safes has Come a Long Way in the Last 60 Years
American Security Products has been around since 1948, and is most commonly referred to as AMSEC. AMSEC safes was started by Glenn Hall. When he set up shop, he started with only a welder and a... - read entire article -

A Large Variety of American Security Safes
American Security Safes is a leading US safe manufacturer, and makes a larger variety of types of safes than many of its competitors. There is obviously fire safes and burglary or security safes, but then... - read entire article -

Browning Articles

Features of Quality Browning Gun Safes
Recently the Browning Company has expanded their line of Browning gun safes. They offer four different premium gun safes and three value safes as well as a variety of specialty safes and safe accessories... - read entire article -

What to Look for when Shopping for a Browning Gun Safe
According to the Browning Company, all safes not created equal and that what you can't see does matter. A Browning gun safe as many innovations, some essential and some that are premium features, that... - read entire article -

Browning Gun Safes Duo-Plus Storage System
When you look at the history of safes, there has been a lot of improvement over the years, but mostly by building upon the foundation that has historically been set. For example, Browning gun safes have... - read entire article -

Browning Safes Various Levels of Fire Protection
Browning is a company well known for their hunting and outdoor products. This includes items such as clothing, knives, lights, firearms and Browning safes to keep those firearms safe and out of the wrong hands... - read entire article -

What Makes Browning Safes the Best
Browning safes make a great investment. Whether it is to protect valuables from fire or theft, or to safely keep guns away from curious children, owning a safe is a great idea. And a beautifully handcrafted safe... - read entire article -

Cannon Safes Articles

About Cannon Safes
"Nothing Protects Like a Cannon" is the motto of Cannon Safes, one of America’s leading manufacturers of safes. For over 40 years Cannon has been a pioneer in secure storage product design, manufacturing... - read entire article -

Internal Features of a Cannon Safe
A large gun safe, from the exterior, offers everything that you need to protect you guns, valuables, important documents, collectibles, heirlooms etc. For a long time, this is what safe manufacturing companies... - read entire article -

Console Vault, Call them what you will
Call them what you will: console vaults, auto vaults, truck vaults or vehicle vaults; having a means to secure firearms or valuables in your car is almost necessary these days. Designed to be seamlessly inserted... - read entire article -

Liberty Safe Articles

Why I Love my Liberty Safe
I love my Liberty safe! I honestly believe that they make the best safes on the market. I wouldn't own anything else for securing my firearms. In fact, I found it interesting when I learned that over 4 million... - read entire article -

Real Life Examples of the Toughness of Liberty Safes
Liberty safes are just one brand of many great safes on the market to protect your guns, valuables, collectibles, important documents, family heirlooms or whatever you might have that you want to protect... - read entire article -

Liberty Safes Fire Protection Levels in their Different Model Safes
If you are in the market for a home safe, you probably already know that Liberty is one of the best manufacturers in the market today, and that there are a lot of different Liberty safes available. But just... - read entire article -

Don't Mess with Liberty Safes Featuring Monster Mech
Some Liberty safes have a new feature called a Monster Mech, which Liberty label's a A Thief's worst nightmare. This made me wonder, what is Monster Mech and how does it work? Who would want...- read entire article -

Liberty Fatboy Jr.
One of the tougher and larger capacity safes on the market today, the Liberty Fatboy Jr. can hold a significant number of long guns. With a maximum capacity of 48 rifles ... - read entire article -

Fortress Safe Articles

Fortress is a force to be reckoned with
Fortress is an offshoot of Heritage safes, offering a really nicely rounded selection of pistol safes, home and office safes, full size gun safes, and some really unique gun cabinets... - read entire article -

Fort Knox Safes Articles

Fort Knox – The Big Difference
There are several traits that set Fort Knox products miles apart from the rest. There has to be a reason why they are known as “America’s Best,” for 30 years. Fort Knox promises their consumers impeccable security ... - read entire article -

Fort Knox Maverick Series
Considering a Maverick and wondering what it has to offer you? The experts at think this design’s a true winner. This Fort Knox product is available in 4 different sizes ... - read entire article -

The History of Fort Knox
Many may not know this, but the history of Fort Knox stems all the way back to World War I, making them a veteran in the world of gun safes. Back in April 1918 ... - read entire article -

Gunvault Articles

GunVault - The Verdict is Out
The verdict is out and the public has spoken, GunVault is one of the best quick access handgun safes in the business. With 25 years of experience under their belt, this company strives to keep their safes current and top notch, using the latest technology .... - read entire article -

HollonSafes Articles

Hollon FB Series
Boasting a high compression rated proprietary concrete mixture for a 2 hour fire protection, sandwiched between two steel walls, the Commercial Series from Hollon Safe Co. is one of the toughest fire and burglary safe lines on the market today... - read entire article -

Fortress Safe Articles

Homak 15 Door Steel Security Cabinet/Locker
Designed with the multiple users in mind, the Homak 15 Door Steel Security Cabinet is an ideal security locker for police departments, fire stations, break rooms, locker rooms and anywhere secure storage is... - read entire article -

RockLock Articl

Roclock Hide-A-Key
When it comes to diversion security products, RocLok© Hide-A-Key has chiseled out a niche for itself, somewhere between a rock and secure place. Considered the ultimate ... - read entire article -

Sentry Safe Articles

Understanding Ratings of a Sentry Fire Gun Safe
How much fire protection do you need for your Sentry fire gun safe? And what do all those ratings mean anyhow? All Sentry safes undergo UL fire testing. This means that safes are tested by the independent... - read entire article -

Sentry Safes - An American Company
According to Merriam Webster, a sentry is a Guard or Watch; especially a soldier standing guard at a point of passage (as a gate). Other synonyms for sentry include sentinel, watchtower, lookout and...- read entire article -

Which Sentry Safe is Best for Me?
I know that I want a Sentry Safe, but there are so many different types available that I wonder how I will know what is the best safe for me to purchase? With a little research I discovered that there are two main... - read entire article -

Sentry Safes Waterproof and Fire Resistant Hard Drive
Today we live in a digital world, and many of our important documents are stored and backed up on external hard drives. But if fire, flooding or other natural disasters occur, a hard drive offers very little protection... - read entire article -

A Sentry Fire Safe to Help you Avoid Total Destruction in a Fire
The weather turned cold the other week, so it was time to load up the wood burning stove to get some heat in the house. We have had a wood burning stove in the past, but not for about 12 years, so we... - read entire article -

Sentry Safes Help Uphold the Right to Bear Arms
Sentry Safes is an all American company, started in New York during the Great Depression, and still operates out of the area of the country. Not just their corporate offices, but also all of their manufacturing. To the... - read entire article -

Sentry Safe Makes Four Different Types of Safes
Purchasing a safe is major decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. The first thing you need to do is to choose a reputable manufacturer that has a proven track record for making a strong and reliable product. There... - read entire article -

Sentry Safe Keeping You Secure
Sentry Safe has been a leader in the safe industry since its inception in 1930; that makes eighty years of quality protection of valuables. The company was started by John D. Brush Sr. and Willard Punnett... - read entire article -

In Tough Economic Times, There is an Increase in the Sale of Sentry Safes
In the current financial crisis, many industries have suffered, but the safe industry has had a boon in sales. With the number of banks in trouble on the rise, people are taking some of their savings and the security... - read entire article -

TruckVault Articles

A Truck Vault for Securing Valuables in Your Vehicle
TruckVault has been around a while, and it originated the best way- filling demand for good products. Al Chandler built a set of drawers for his truck to haul his guns, fishing equipment, etc, and as other people saw... - read entire article -

Truckvault Utilization
I have a truck and I have an SUV. I wanted a way to utilize the space in the back of my SUV and in the bed of my truck but I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to do until I came across Truck Vault... - read entire article -

Snap Safe articles

SnapSafe Duel Lockboxes
The Snapsafe Duel Lockboxes are the perfect item for storing your pistols safely and securely without the big boxy lockboxes that customers in the pistol safe world have become accustomed to... - read entire article -

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Gun Safes Buyers Guide

Gun Safe Buyers Guides:

Home safes, which is right for you?
When you are more comfortable storing your valuable possessions at home, rather than in a safety deposit box or in some other storage facility, then a Home Safe is a must-have to help protect against theft, fire, water.... - read entire article -

Looking for a cheap gun safe?
So you want a gun safe, but you don’t want to pay a lot of money, you are basically looking for a cheap gun safe. But what does the word "cheap" mean? It has quite a variety of definitions, some meaning virtually... - read entire article -

Buying Gun Safes at a Discount and a Historical Marketing Tragedy
In today's world, sometimes marketing seems to get vicious as companies try to out do their competitors, or stores as they try to outsell other retailers. But a lot of marketing strategies have changed with the... - read entire article -

What Type of Safes are Available without Getting a Really Big One?
Often when I think of a safe, I think of a large, rectangular, reinforced metal “box” for placing valuable or firearms. Though these large types of safes are available, and there is a very good reason to have one,... - read entire article -

What Manufacturers Make Great Home Safes?
There are a lot of home safes on the market from which to choose. They come in many shapes and sizes and range widely in quality and price. When you buy a safe you are presumably trying to secure something... - read entire article -

Home Safes: How to Choose One That's Right For You
When choosing a home or office safe, how do you know which one will suit your needs? With so many options out on the market, it's difficult to decide. Let's go over some of the options out there. - read entire article -

Discount Gun Safes
Shopping for discount gun safes are like shopping for almost anything else, with the big difference that a gun safe can be pretty expensive compared to many regular consumer goods. As a consumer, you gather... - read entire article -

Floor, In-Floor and Wall Safes: Which Style is Best for You?
Most people purchase a safe to protect personal valuables from fire or theft. Your circumstances, as well as personal preferences, determines your needs in what type of safe you need. There are a lot of safes out there,... - read entire article -

Two Small Words to Look for When Buying a Fire Safe
When shopping for a safe to protect your important documents and valuables from fire, it can sometimes be overwhelming when you look at all the various UL Fire ratings. But even if you do not... - read entire article -

Who Makes the Best Gun Safe?
Who makes the best gun safe? This is a question that every manufacturer would love the opportunity to answer. And there is nothing wrong with having pride in what you make. Nor is there anything... - read entire article -

Gun Safe Accessories: What do You Need?
Now that you have the perfect gun safe to keep your firearms out of little hands or your collection safe from robbery, do you need any gun safe accessories? What type of accessories could you possibly... - read entire article -

Not all Fireproof Gun Safes are Created Equal
Fireproof gun safes are something many people with guns are very interested in, and with good reason. Guns are expensive, potentially dangerous, and certainly deserving of being stored in a safe... - read entire article -

Reasons Why Made in the USA Rifle Safes Should Be Your First Choice
It was during the 1990s when gun safe companies started outsourcing the production of their safes. As they did so in hopes to bring down the manufacturing costs, they did succeed to some extent. However, ironically, outsourcing led to delayed order processing and even deteriorated quality..... - read entire article

Steelwater HD593924-BLK
Hello gun safes enthusiasts! This article was written with the intent of giving you the rundown on a great safe that boasts a list of great features; the Steelwater HD593924-BLK.... - read entire article

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Safes Technology

Safes Technology Articles and Information:

Fingerprint Recognition Technology on Home Safes?
Normally when I think of home safes, I think of small, square and very heavy metal safes for securing away your valuables with a combination lock. But today, in such a fast paced and evolving world, we are not... - read entire article -

A Safe History of Locks
Though the actual history of safes may not be very long, the main component and perhaps one of the most important parts of a safe has been, and that is the lock. It is hard to say when locks were first invented because... - read entire article -

A Quick Look at how Safes Are Made
Safes are a reality in today's world. Unfortunately, things like safes and keys and locks are needed to protect people and things from those who would steal or otherwise do harm. Given this reality, most of us instinctively... - read entire article -

Safes: To Crack or not to Crack, that is the Question!
Though we don't really have a lot of safes lying around the house, we did once receive a safe from an estate sale. We promptly locked the combination inside (dumb, yes, but lets assume the fault lies with one of... - read entire article -

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Gun Articles & Information:

Keep Your Valuables Secure with Home Safes
As years go by, people end up collecting many valuable items. These items might consist of jewelry or family heirlooms that hold emotional value apart from the monetary value. This valuable property must be kept securely to decrease the risk of losing... - read entire article

Benefits of Owning Gun Cabinets
As the world is getting modernized, people are becoming less secure. Because of this, guns are becoming a part of many individual’s lives. Owning a gun enables people to oppose any kind of attack and adds a sense of safety. So, if you own a gun, than you should understand... - read entire article

Biometric Gun Safes: Advanced Way of Keeping Firearms Well Protected
If you own a gun, it is very important to educate yourself on how to shoot properly, how to load your gun correctly, how to maintain it and most importantly, how to store it safely. The most effective way of securing your gun is to invest in a biometric... - read entire article

Things to Consider While Buying a Gun Safe
Keeping a gun safe in the house guarantees that your weapons and assets stay shielded from thieves as well as from being illegally utilized. So remember these pointers when looking for a gun safe for your home. Having a firearm in the house can guarantee... - read entire article

Keep your Guns Protected From Burglary
Gun safes are boxes that can fluctuate in size based on the sort of firearm an individual has at their home. These are likely the safest approach to securing guns that permit only the owner to open. The gun safes either use a key or use a blend of numbers which are utilized to open the safe... - read entire article

Gun Cabinets: Assisting Individuals in Effectively Securing Their Firearms
A gun holder's primary obligation is the safety of the gun. To secure oneself as well as other people, it is critical to know a few measures to keep the gun secure and safe, and out of children’s reach... - read entire article

Fireproof Gun Safes: Advanced Safes to Protect Your Gun
Fireproof gun safes are gun safes that can assist individuals in protecting their investment in guns or weapons. These gun safes are designed perfectly and have the capacity to protect firearms in various distinctive ways. Some of these ways... - read entire article

Protect Your Firearms and Valuables Properly by Getting Fireproof Safes
Besides thieves and any human threat, there are various other factors that can damage your firearm and other valuable items in your house. It can be flood, fire or any such natural calamities or accidents. Out of these, fire is the most likely factor... - read entire article

Get Discount Gun Safes with Perfect Features
Guns are potentially dangerous items and they need to be protected at all costs. If you own a gun, then it is your duty to care for its safety. There are many cases when small children have committed big crimes simply after gaining access... - read entire article

Gun Safes: Best Way to Secure Guns from Mishaps
Guns are the foremost thing that needs special consideration and protection from being illegally utilized. Besides being a protective item, a gun can prove to be very dangerous, too. So when it comes to gun protection, a few important points need to be considered... - read entire article

Biometric Safes: Best Option for Keeping Items Safe, Secure & Protected
Protection has made amazing progress over time and among the main improvements, one has been biometric safes. Biometric safes are the latest modern advancements which have brought about wide development in the field of protection. Biometric techniques... - read entire article

Keep a Gun Cabinet at Home to Keep Yourself Safe
A gun cabinet is highly recommended for people who own a gun or any kind of firearm. Some people like owning a gun for their protection, while others just love to collect different kinds of guns. Sometimes, due to negligence... - read entire article

Store Your Guns and Valuables Safely by Getting the Best Gun Safes
Taking care of one’s own protection and family may include protective measures such as installing cameras, getting an advanced locking system for your doors, and various other activities. One of the most popular things that people... - read entire article

Prevent Any Kind of Firearm Accident by Getting a Bighorn Gun Safe for Your House
Be it for self-protection or just a passion, if you’re investing in a gun, it is also your responsibility to buy gun safes to keep them, and everyone else, safe. If left unattended, rather than protecting you, a gun can lead to terrible accidents, hazardous incidents... - read entire article

Keep Your Firearms and Valuables Safe by Getting Fireproof Gun Safes
Being a gun owner makes you responsible for keeping it safe and not allowing it to fall into the wrong hands. The wrong hands might be a stranger; it might even be your kids. In addition to this, one of the more important factors is to keep your firearm... - read entire article

Keep Your Gun Safe and Secure by Getting Gun Vault Doors
People usually possess guns either out of passion or to protect themselves and their family. However, if the gun winds up in the wrong hands, things could turn disastrous in the form of a terrible... - read entire article

Gun Safes: Best way to secure your guns from being damaged
As the world becomes more high-tech and modernized, security takes on an even greater importance. To remain secure and safe, many people make the decision to purchase firearms... - read entire article

Preserve Your Firearm for Years by Getting the Right Pistol Case
It is very important to keep your pistol safeguarded. That’s why immediately upon buying a pistol, the first thing that you should do is to buy a pistol case. It is important... - read entire article

Protect Your Fine Weapons and Avoid Damage with Gun Cases
Unlike devices like laptops, cell phones or cameras, a gun is something that needs to be taken care of with great responsibility. People keep them for protection, for hunting... - read entire article

Keep Your Valuables Safe and Protected with Durable Fire Safes
Choosing the right safe for your home is considered to be a very good investment. It is useful for keeping your valuables secure and protected from fire or any other kind... - read entire article

Optimize Your Safe by Getting Gun Safe Accessories
It is a well-known fact that firearms protect us, but if they wind up in the wrong hands, it can lead to big trouble. The same idea applies to homeowners who possess guns and other types of... - read entire article

Safeguard Your Valuables by Getting the Best Vault Doors
If someone possesses a gun, or has a collection of guns, it is his responsibility to keep them out of children’s reach, or any outsider, to avoid accidents and mishaps. Gun safes are ... - read entire article

Get the Best Gun Racks for Storing Your Gun Safely
Gun racks are very important for maintaining and storing your gun safely. They can be useful for people who own guns and love showing off their prized possessions. Gun racks come in various sizes, shapes... - read entire article

Protect Your Firearm from Being Easily Accessible with Pistol and Handgun Safes
People own firearms like handguns and pistols to protect themselves from attack and/or burglary. But keeping them in an easily accessible location can prove dangerous for family members, especially... - read entire article

Protect Your Valuables by Buying a Home Security Safe
Many people collect firearms as a hobby. Some also keep them for the purpose of protection as well. It is very important for homeowners to keep their homes safe by storing their firearms... - read entire article

Hand Gun Safes - Great Storage Solution While Keeping Your Family Protected
It is very important to keep hand gun safes in your home. Storage safes keep your firearm safe from accidents or mishaps. In some places, the law states that a person possessing firearms ... - read entire article

Get a Secure Biometric Gunsafe for Your Firearms
If you possess firearms, it is very important for you to invest in keeping them safe and secure. Various kinds of safes incorporating the newest technologies can be found on the market. These can be a very good storage ... - read entire article

Keep Your Loved Ones Protected by Keeping Guns in Gun Safe
Possessing a gun is a matter of great responsibility. Keeping it in a safe place is essential to avoid accidents. A good safe for keeping guns can provide a sense of security ... - read entire article

Open Carry, The Armed Populace
Last weekend, an 11 year old girl was shot and killed by a stray bullet while in a friend’s home. Three others in Chicago succumbed to this same fate as well that same weekend. Over this last weekend, fifty shootings ... - read entire article

Gun Rights
I watched a video on Youtube today. A young girl, 15 years old, gave her testimony on gun laws and restrictions. I thought it was fantastic. She brought forth interesting points ... - read entire article -

The 1911 Pistol
March 29 marks the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pistol, the most enduring and popular handgun in the United States. Responding to the US military’s need for a superior battlefield weapon, John Browning... - read entire article -

The Glock 17 Pistol
When engineer Gaston Glock began creating a new pistol for the Austrian military, he had no experience designing or manufacturing guns. What he did have was an extensive knowledge of synthetic polymers... - read entire article -

The Mossberg 500 Shotgun
The Mossberg 500 has been around for 50 years now, and has distinguished itself among connoisseurs of firearms .Now, as then, Mossberg continues to uphold its promise of offering “More Gun for the... - read entire article -

The AR-15
Nope, the AR doesn’t stand for “Assault Rifle.” The ArmaLite Model 15 (AR-15) is a semi-automatic, high capacity rifle chambered for a 5.56 mm (.223) round. There are different derivatives of AR-15... - read entire article -

The M1 Carbine Rifle
The M1 Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle used by U.S. forces during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. It remains in use around the world by police and military forces, as well as being a popular civilian firearm... - read entire article -

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Other Gun Safe Information:

Family Man for Safes
I grew up in Southern California.  From an early age I was taught that guns were taboo.  And when I say guns I am referring to the TEC-9’s, AB10’s and AK-47’s of the firearm world.  To me, as a child, these were the only guns I’d ever heard of besides the Bazookas that my G.I. Joe’s came equipped with... - read entire article

Home Safes Insurance Rating Systems
There are many home safes on the market today, and like many industries, it has its own vocabulary. But everyday people own home safes, and most do not want to learn the industry lingo in order to purchase the... - read entire article -

Sometimes Safes are not so Safe
Safes hold secrets, and people are curious. People with enough curiosity will do almost anything to get inside them; and they have. And I'm not talking only about bandana wearing robbers back in the wild wild west... - read entire article -

Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, but Keep Your Handgun Safe!
One of the founding principles of the United States of America, as found in the Second Amendment of the Constitution is that the "right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Though the world has... - read entire article -

Everybody Loves the Mystique of a Wall Safe
Who doesn't like the idea of a wall safe? They are cool and fun. As a kid I used to dream about how to make special hiding places for things, both inside and out. It wasn't very sophisticated. Usually a little box or hollowed... - read entire article -

Is there Really such a thing as a Fireproof Safe?
You may be somewhat shocked to learn that there are actually no industry standards for testing and rating a fireproof safe. In fact, there may not even really be such a thing as a fully fireproof safe. Eventually,... - read entire article -

Floor Safes are Inherently More Secure
I have to admit that I have never been a burglar so I am just guessing here, but I would say that most burglars just aren't really that motivated to spend a whole lot of time in someone's house or place of... - read entire article -

Keeping People and Things Safe at Home
Everybody has an intrinsic understanding of the value of being safe. Nobody wants harm or danger to come to their family, health or valuables. We hope for it, we work for it, we even pray for it. As a praying... - read entire article -

Home Safes: The Pros and Cons
Home safes come in many different shapes and sizes and serve many different purposes. The strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, are a little difficult to define... - read entire article -

Installing Wall Safes is Easy
In movies, it seems that only the wealthy have wall safes. But in today’s world, this is not so, anybody can have a wall safe for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: they are extra secure since they... - read entire article -

Floor Safes: The Best Protection Against Theft, Fire and Water
Every time you leave the house, you make sure all the doors and windows are locked. You have timers on your lights so they come on at unpredictable times to make it look like you're home when you're not. You used to have... - read entire article -

Bed Safes: Protecting Your Valuables and Improving Your Sleep
I grew up in a very conservative home. Needless to say, there were always guns in the house. I had many a shooting lesson, but somehow it just never stuck. Apparently the whole "release the safety, pull the trigger" concept... - read entire article -

Safes and Safety Ratings- What do They Mean?
For the best protection from fire and burglary, look to a Winchester gun safe. This year is Winchester's 20th anniversary, and it sure deserves that traditional diamond for all it has accomplished. Winchester developed the first... - read entire article -

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