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Item #: GSBedVault
Availability: Custom Built - Usually Ships in 3-4 Weeks
Retail: $845.00
Price: $789.95
You Save: $55.05 (6.5%)

    Product Details

    Safe, secure and out of sight, the BedVault is a perfect solution for your in-home secure storage needs.

    The Bedvault provides safe and secure storage for your firearms, ammunition and other valuables in locked drawer storage systems under your bed. Thieves won't notice or be able to access it in their "grab and run" raid on homes, and children can't get to its contents to play with and damage valuables.

    • Heavy-Duty Pin Tumbler keyed Lock
    • Solid Oak or Black Composite Drawer Face
    • Finished Oak Handles
    • Carpeted Drawer Bottom


    • Exterior: 51"W x 24"D x 6.5"H
    • Interior: 48"W x 21.75"D x 4.5"H

    TruckVault comes with a limited lifetime warranty