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Item #: C14D
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Price: $29.95

    About the Brand

    In the safe business for over 20 years, Fortress is owned by the Heritage Safe Company, a solid player in the home safes sector, setting the standard in security, value and elegance with Made in the USA, custom made Safe products. Heritage is most known for creating Pyro-Shield, an innovative fire protection for safes, and patented pre-resistant notch bolts.

    About the Product

    The Fortress Cash Security Box, Model C14D, is a great security solution for keeping cash, checks and credit cards stored securely. It is slightly larger than our C10D Model, providing additional storage space for money, checks, money orders, credit cards, etc. Familiarly known as a cash box, this product has a removable bill tray and a programmable dial lock. Product has a blue exterior metal casing with a single metal handle. Roll dial lock is located on the face of the case. Besides the combination lock, this lock features a secondary security feature, a cable system that can be attached to any fixture in the home, office or vehicle.

    Product Features

    • Manufactured with a Lock It Down™ Cable System which makes it easy to secure money and hard for thieves to get at it.
    • Maintains a 2X thicker reinforced cable, when compare to many other cable-secured boxes.
    • The removable tray fits all bills and checks with ease.
    • The Box has a Quik Lok™ Programmable dial lock – no keys needed. Thieves will have to know your pre-programmed code to get in – more secure than a key, which can be lost.
    • Secure It™ Protection keeps valuables securely concealed in place and safe from any possible damage.


    • 9.8" L x 7.1" W x 3.5" H
    • 1 Pound


    • Lifetime Attack Warranty
    • 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 1-year Satisfaction Guarantee