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Top 5 Ways to Promote Gun Safety in Your Community

The increase in the number of guns has led to increase in gun related violence and deaths. Often the accidents occur in homes with children when they get access to firearms. To make everyone aware about the dangers of guns, communities should work together so as to ensure maximum safety. If you are interested in trying the best to reduce gun violence, consider implementing these 5 ways to promote gun safety in your community:

1. School : School teachers and counsellors observe students’ emotional and behavioral development daily and can detect troubled and violent behaviors in children and intervene. Educators can act as confidants to children, and help them deal with their troubles instead of passing them off. Schools also use technologies like anonymous messengers that students can use to notify weird behavior.

2. Doctors: Doctors can hold multiple screenings sessions to identify potential dangerous symptoms individuals that can be violent in the future. With early detections of issues such as aggression, a lack of social connectedness, indications of serious mental illness and a fascination with violence and guns, can lead to doctors helping individuals early on rather than them being turning violent afterwards.

3. Teach your child: Teach your children about gun safety and make them understand the fatal gun accidents. Tell them that there are better ways to deal with a bad situation than taking firearms. Encourage other people in the community to do the same.

4.Learn Gun Safety: You should encourage people in the community to take firearm safety courses. Children should also be taught regarding the same as they may set off a gun if they find one at their or a friend’s home.

5. Safe Storage: Ask everyone in the community with a gun to buy a gun storage solution even if they don’t have children in home. Gun storage not only prevents access to firearms for unauthorized personnel but also prevent damage to firearms from natural calamities like fire and water.

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