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Top 5 American Made Gun Safes

Gun safe is often a once in a lifetime purchase. When it comes to quality, American made gun safes rank the highest. Gun safes manufactured in America have better quality control than gun safes imported from other countries. Here is a list of some renowned American gun safe which, you can buy without having a second thought:

1. Browning Gun Safes: Browning/ProSteel when it comes to protecting your firearms and other valuable possessions from theft and fire, we know that you have options. While the differences among gun safes are difficult to see on a sales floor, you can be confident that there isn't another brand that lives up to the high standards set by Browning. Their gun safes combine quality construction, proprietary technology and patented interior designs that elevate them above the competition and give you peace of mind.

2. Liberty Gun Safes: Liberty is one of the most famous American gun safe brands and they produce the highest quality gun safes in the market. Liberty offers gun safes in many varieties including home, gun, office and commercial safes and provides special protection against fire and theft.

3. AMSEC Gun Safes: AMSEC-American Security not only manufactures high capacity gun safes, but also small gun safes for smaller guns. Their quality control team ensures that you receive the highest quality gun safes and their dedicated customer care representatives assist their customers regarding any issues.

3. Edison Safes: Backed with more than 35 years of experience in the safe industry, Edison provides exceptional and long lasting gun safes. The company manufactures gun safes in different sizes to fulfill varying needs of the customers. The gun safes have many features including an all-gun interior, executive shelving, mechanical or electric lock and many more.

4. Rhino Gun Safes: Rhino Metals, Inc. was founded in 1995, originally as a small town metal fabrication job shop. The founder, Don Suggs, was a fighter pilot that also enjoyed working with his hands and decided to use the discipline and commitment to excellence gained in the US Airforce to build a business. Initially, the company fabricated parts for agricultural, mining, and heating equipment manufacturers in the area with just a handful of employees. The company expanded its reach over the first few years supplying parts to a variety of industries across the US and Canada. In 1999, Mr. Suggs was asked by his father to make a gun safe. His father wanted a way to keep his firearms out of the reach of his grandchildren and couldn’t find anything in the local sporting goods stores that was affordable and secure. With these key factors in mind, he set to researching product on the market and developed a new tougher design, and then built a small production run to test the market. Two U.S. patents emerged from that design and from that simple catalyst of a request from his father, Rhino Safe Co. was born. Through the years, the company has consistently set new industry standards for quality, value, and customer service, and is now one of the leading U.S. gun safe companies. Rhino Metals, Inc. employs a large percentage of veterans and continues to focus on discipline and a relentless commitment to excellence. The company is named after an aircraft Mr. Suggs flew operationally, the McDonnell Douglas F-4. Loved by those who flew her, the F-4 was affectionately known as the “rhino” due to its long nose and toughness.