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How do I know whether my Used Safe is worth selling?

We have provided an easy to use calculator to help you put a value on your Used Safe. This is an estimate only. We will follow up with you after you go through the steps to sell your safe to ensure our estimate is accurate, but our goal is to give you an idea of what you can make when you sell your Used Safe with us.

Besides receiving money for my Used Safe, do I get anything else?

YES! You can also use the money you receive from the sale of your safe to apply it towards a new or used safe from us. And if you do, we will give you an additional 10% off your purchase. Just send us an email on what product you prefer and we’ll handle it from there! This is a great opportunity to not only get an old safe out of your house at no cost, make money on the transaction, and earn a discount on a new product.

Why sell my Used Safe with

We make the process simple for both buyers and sellers. In most cases, when you have a large, heavy safe in your home, you need to pay a company to remove it – which can be expensive and result in no value since it is not being sold – just moved. And selling a safe on your own can also be a problem – likely the buyer will need to come into your home and find a way to move it – both a security and logistic challenge. With us, we hire professional experts to remove your safe, take it to a delivery hub and deliver it directly to the buyer that purchases your Used Safe on our site. Couldn’t be easier – PLUS, you make money on the sale! And if you apply the money earned towards a purchase on our site – you’ll also get a 10% discount off that sale!

How do you arrive at my Used Safe’s Value?

Our calculator has a built in system to identify what you paid for your safe, and the cost of removing it from your home and shipping it to a buyer. The logistics of this process are complicated, but we take the complication away from you and take care of it. The value of your safe is the result after taking into consideration what a buyer will pay for a used safe (rather than new) and the cost of picking it up, moving it and installing it in the buyer’s home.

Once my Used Safe sells, when and how do I get paid?

Once your safe sells, and the customer accepts the safe into his home, we will issue you payment by check or by PayPal, whichever you prefer. Checks will be sent to the address on file, and if you prefer PayPal, we only need your PayPal email address.

When I used the Calculator, it said my Used Safe had no value … why?

If you think the information in the calculator was in error, please give us a call; in some instances, depending on the safe in question and your location, we might still be able to work with you. A large reason why some safes simply can’t be sold on our platform is because once the heavy cost of logistics (removing, shipping and installing for a buyer) are added to what a consumer would be willing to pay for a Used Safe, it ends up not making sense to sell – especially for smaller safes. The safe could be in perfect condition, yet just not be a good opportunity for sale on this marketplace.

How long will it take to sell my Used Safe?

Our website traffic is very heavy, so we have a lot of consumers shopping our site for Used Safes every day. We can have your listing live within days of you providing us the information on your safe, and once a buyer agrees to buy the safe, the logistics are put into place. Once sold, it usually takes less than 1 week for a safe to be picked up, then another week for delivery to the consumer. Since these items are heavy, bulky and hard to move, they do take longer to move than many other consumer products.

How do we deal with the locking mechanism, combinations, etc.?

Just like when you purchased the safe, if the safe is has a combo lock, we ask you to tape the combination on the top of the safe so that the new owner can easily get into the safe upon receipt. We do not divulge information about buyers to sellers, so the seller will never know where the safe is going. Locking mechanisms can also easily be replaced, and other security protocols can be followed with the simple use of a Locksmith. Give us a call if you have any questions with respect to these matters.

What if I fail to provide the correct condition of my safe?

We reserve the right to change the estimated value of your safe if (a) we believe after reviewing the images and details that it was miscalculated in our calculator, or (b) the product is reviewed by the buyer and it has more scratches, dents, etc. than previously identified by the original owner. In some instances, failure to provide the correct information from the beginning could result in a seller losing 100% of the value of his safe. We ask that you take the time to identify any and all cosmetic or functionality damage to your safe so that the buyer is fully aware of what they are buying. This is critical to the successful sale of your product.