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Liberty Safes – The Lincoln Series

When it comes to gun safes, it’s no secret that Liberty is one of the top rated American made safes on the market. With that said, it’s no surprise that their Lincoln Series is rated “the #1 safe in America” by North American Hunters and Predator Extreme Gold Awards. The Lincoln Series comes available in 3 different sizes: The Lincoln 25 (735 lbs, holds 24 guns), The Lincoln 35 (875 lbs, holds 34 guns), and the Lincoln 50 (1,115 lbs, holds 41 guns). The Lincoln series ranges in price from $2,659 to $4,319 depending on how the consumer chooses to customize their safe to their liking. With a 90 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees, it’s no wonder this safe is rated top of the line.

As far as security goes, the Lincoln series has a lot to offer. The safe comes with an updated 6730 lock, that is UL listed, and has a Sargent & Greenleaf combination/key with an internal re-locker. The door itself is a composite internal ball-bearing hinge with inner steel, and has larger bolts (1.25”), and longer bolt extension by 33%.

The door also includes anti-pry tabs as well as over-center DX-90 Monster Mech to prevent side bolt punching. Referred to as the “drill snapper,” the ball-bearing hard plate is added to protect the lock from drilling. This is a plate with ball bearings that will spin if drilled into, and snap the fil bit!

The Liberty Lincoln comes with a factory installed clear view interior lighting with auto on/off switch when the door is opened. For the 40 & 50 size models, the premium door panel is upgraded with dual cool pockets. Zip pockets, quick-draw holsters, and Liberty’s exclusive Cool Pocket pouches keep documents 50 degrees cooler than the rest of the safe, if a fire were to occur.

Liberty’s Jewelry Drawer is added as a free bonus and makes organizing valuables that much easier. Depending on the exterior color chosen for the safe, a classic designed 5-point handle also comes plated in black chrome, brass, or chrome The color options for the safe with black chrome hardware include burgundy marble, white marble, green gloss, champagne marble, burgundy gloss, gray marble, and mirror black. For the brass hardware, the colors available include green gloss, burgundy gloss, mirror black, green marble, and burgundy marble. The colors available for chrome hardware include textured granite, textured black, and mirror black. A moisture reducer (dehumidifier) is also included with the Lincoln series, making it a best seller.

If you are looking for wonderful USA made product, the Lincoln series has a lot to offer. There’s a reason the series is 5-star rated across the board, and the quality speaks for itself. Our specialists at recommend the Lincoln series and would love to assist you in any questions you have!

*LX35 in Burgundy gloss shown