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  • Hollon Endurance 5926 - TL-30X6 High Security Gun Safe - TL30X6GVC
  • Hollon Endurance 5926 - TL-30X6 High Security Gun Safe - TL30X6GVC
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Item #: TL30X6GVC
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Hollon Safe TL 30×6 Gun Vault

Hollon Safe is proud to introduce it’s new UL Listed TL 30×6 Gun Vault. This new TL 30×6 Gun Vault is the ultimate gun vault for the ultimate gun enthusiast. This behemoth of a gun safe provides the highest level of security compared to most gun safes on the market today. In fact, it is so secure that it can be used in high end jewelry stores and pharmacies if needed.

Our TL 30×6 Gun Safe is assembled and finished right here in our warehouse in Texas by our skilled installers using American and Global parts. This gun vault has a factory tested 2 hours of fire protection and has been subjected to the most rigorous of tool testing on all six sides by Underwriters Laboratories’ testing professionals. This vault not only passed but exceeded all of the testing it was subjected to. It has proven time and again to be unyielding in it’s strength and security due to it’s superior design.

We at Hollon Safe are dedicated to continuing our efforts in providing our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices

Quick Facts:

  • Fire Rating: 2 Hr. Fire Rated
  • Locking Mechanisms:
    • UL Listed Group 2M Mechanical Dial or
    • UL Listed and EMP Resistant S&G Spartan or Titan D-Drive Type 1 Electronic Lock
  • Gun Capacity: Holds up to 28 Rifles and 6 pistols (with room left for ammunition)
  • Interior: Adjustable fabric covered shelves for heavy load capacity.
  • Bolts: (16) 1.5 inch chrome bolts
  • Relocker: Extra Large Glass Plate w/ multiple relockers
  • Hardplate: Hard plate throughout (Interior Wall Design Hard Plate Cage. For maximum power tool resistance.)
  • High Density High Compression Rated Concrete used as Fire resistance and power tool resistance.
  • Includes Free Hollon Pocket Door Organizer for pistols and ammunition
  • **Allow 3″ for handle and hinges**
  • Color Options: Stealth Charcoal, Midnight Blue, Jungle Camo, Black, White, Dark Red.
  • Weight: (4100 lbs)
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): (H)-55.5″ (W)-28.25″ (D)-23.5″
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): (H)-63″ (W)-35.5″ (D)-31.5


  • Exterior: 63”(H) x 35.5”(W) x 31.5”(D)
  • Interior: 55.5’’(H) x 28.25’’(W) x 23.5”(D)
  • Weight: 4100 lbs.

Hollon Safe Warranty & Lifetime Fire Guarantee:

Hollon Safe backs all our fireproof safes with a lifetime warranty against fire. We will gladly replace and Hollon Fireproof Safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Hollon Safe representative prior to replacement.

Limited Warranty:

Hollon Safe warranties 90 days on any labor, excluding digital components, All safes purchased for a period of two years from date of purchase are warranted against manufacture defects. We provide an extended four year warranty on all replacement parts. Extended warranty excludes all digital components. Replacement of safe with the same or a comparable model during the extended four year warranty