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    ProLogic WebLink Safe Lock

    The ProLogic WebLink is a very reliable, highly advanced safe lock system ideal for the most demanding commercial applications.

    The ProLogic WebLink is a full featured safe lock system that incorporates wireless connectivity for remote lock management and Live Audit Updates.

    OnLine Mode provides remote Access control and TimeLock control across a WAN/LAN network.

    ProLogic WebLink can be remotely programmed using out WebLink Remote Manage Software.

    The ProLogic WebLink can be remotely programmed using SecuRam’s Parameter Management software.

    Simple to Use. Reliable. Remote Management.

    • LCD Menu system guides the user through access and programming procedures.
    • View Audit trail records on screen or download wirelessly to Lock Management software or receive LIVE Audit Data stream.
    • LIVE Audit trail is transmitted automatically to Lock Management software.
    • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.
    • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
    • 30 codes: 1 Super Code, 2 Manager Codes, and 28 User codes
    • 500 event audit trail can be viewed on-screen
    • Remotely Programmable using Parameter Management and Access Point
    • Wireless Audit Updates – LIVE Data Streaming
    • OnLine Mode allows for remote control of lock system across a network
    • TimeLock, Holiday Scheduling
    • Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1-15min
    • Time Delay Overide Codes – selectable
    • OTC Recovery code can be used to reset the controller to factory default
    • Single or Dual Control Modes
    • Dual Mode Group – set some users in Dual Mode
    • Auto DayLight Savings Time
    • EntryPad can control up to 4 locks with programmable lock sequence
    • Supports single user mode and dual user mode
    • Duress mode with programmable shift feature
    • Can be paired with any SecuRam Lock: SwingBolt, DeadBolt, SpringBolt and StrikeBolt
    • SureLock Battery Management and AC Power optional
    • Finishes available: Chrome, Brass, Black Chrome, Nickel