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Browning Security Door Six Panel (1601100077)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Product DetailsBrowning/ProSteel’s Security Door has taken in-home security to a new level. With the appearance of a standard residential door, the Security Door is the perfect option for the customer who prefers to be more discreet about the...
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Lafayette, In.


There really is no other term that fits!

This door looks just like your bathroom or closet door.

Installation was straight-forward. It did require a bit more substantial jamb, but this is to be expected.

Door weighs in at 400+ lbs so it's not a one-man job.

Option to set key-pad a distance away from the door allows for maximum security.

I would definitely recommend this door to a friend or another customer. In fact, I have.

Strafford, Mo

Vault door

<p>Great job on this Browning Vault Door. The customer service folks at helped me when I had some questions regarding usage - definitely recommend the product and the seller.</p>

Reviews 1-2 of 2