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Reed Custom - 13435R - Single Vertical Rifle Slider Retrofit Kit
Item #: 13435R
Retail: $679.00
Price: $500.00
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Item #: 13435R -

Reed Custom Safes Vertical Slider - Retrofit Kit We are proud to present Reed Custom Safes Vertical Slider as a Retrofit Kit. This can fit in any safe that has the proper amount of internal space available. The required internal space needed is 10" of width and 19.5" of depth with the door closed. This kit gives full and convenient access to all of rifles and will accommodate scoped rifles. The Vertical Slider System allows you to store your guns without the worry of them banging together,...

Reed Custom Safes

Reed Custom Safes are manufactured by Heatmor, Inc. located in Warroad, Minnesota. Heatmor, Inc. has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. The founder of Heatmor, Inc., Gerry Reed, was researhing gun safes and was unable to find a safe that met his needs for security, fire protection and convenience. As a result, the line of Reed Custom safes was created and have quickly become synonymous with quality, security and convenience.