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Inkas TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212 TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212, Inkas TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212
Item #: TL-15 1212
Retail: $1,602.94
Price: $1,282.35
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Inkas Item #: TL-15 1212 -

INKASĀ® Titan series safes are a great choice for a security. With a UL TL-15 rating, these safes are secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of prybars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, and saws. Featuring a layered concrete and steel body these are some of the toughest TL-15's on the market.FeaturesUL TL-15 certifiedUL certified Group 2M manipulation resistant combination lock with spy proof dialFull composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material...