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Five Features to consider Before Buying a Gun Safe

Purchasing a gun safe is not only meant for securely keeping the firearms, but easy accessibility with the highest level of security is also a main concern of many gun owners. Here, are the few vitals tips that can assist you in purchasing a perfect gun safe for your needs:

  • Secure Locker:
  • Space Required:
  • Fire Rating:
  • Steel Thickness:
  • Weight:

The most important part of a gun safe is its locking system. Gun safes come in variety of locking systems including dial lock, electronic lock, and biometric lock. Biometric locks are fast, secure, and easy fingertips access. On the other hand, electronic locks are durable but there are chances for forgetting the combination. Ultimately, both ensure the highest security you must to consider which one is most secure option for you.

According to need of space you can choose the most appropriate gun safe. Usually gun safes come with capacity of storing 8, 12 or 24 guns. However, if you buy a large gun safe then you would also able to store other valuables here.

People should look at UL or ETL certified fire rating before buying a gun safes. The rating specifies the certain withstand time under certain degree of temperature, it should be as minimum as 30 minutes and 1200 Fahrenheit respectively.

Proper steel thickness avoids drilling of gun safes while an attempt of burglary. Generally, gun safes come with 10-gauge or 12-gauge steel plates. Here the gauge is inversely proportional to the thickness of steel plates.

The heavier the gun safe, the harder it will be to steal. People counteract a lighter safe by mounting it to the floor. But It will help to prevent thieves from knocking it over or walking off with the whole safe.

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