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Family Man For Safes

I grew up in Southern California.  From an early age I was taught that guns were taboo.  And when I say guns I am referring to the TEC-9’s, AB10’s and AK-47’s of the firearm world.  To me, as a child, these were the only guns I’d ever heard of besides the Bazookas that my G.I. Joe’s came equipped with.  The local news every evening was littered with nightmare gun stories and videos of crying mothers and angry fathers.  It was at the pinnacle of the gang warfare era and this was the extent of my childhood knowledge on the subject.

I became a bit more aware of the firearms around me as I grew up and didn’t see them as so taboo as I grew a bit older. I entered my high school every morning through a metal detector as did everyone else, and somehow, there still managed to be guns on campus.  Fast forward a couple years and my family and I up and move to North Idaho. I’ll never forget walking through the parking lot towards my new high school and seeing all of the trucks lined up.  And in each truck a gun rack.  And in each gun rack 2 or 3 guns…  And this was right on school campus.  It was a different world.

About 2 weeks in to high school I met a guy who would quickly become a friend.  We went out to his folk’s house on the lake to hang out after school one day.  After pondering what we should do he suggested we go shoot some guns.  I was wide eyed and surprised.  I’d never touched a gun.  And it was a blast.  A .22 and a shotgun and I was a gun lover.  My buddy schooled me on gun safety before we started shooting.  He gave me lessons on why hunting was great and how it was good for the animals hunted.  Afterwards he took me into his parents’ room so we could put the guns back into their gun safe.  He told me it wasn’t just to protect the guns from theft, but, most importantly to protect his little nieces and nephews were around the house often.

Locking your firearms up in a safe is a major theft deterrent as well.  Guns are valuable.  And in the event of a burglary, if seen, will probably be one of the first items snatched up.  To maximize the security, I recommend anchoring the safe to the ground.  If a thief cannot tip the safe over to attempt prying it open, they will give up and move on quickly.

I have a 4 year old son and daughter on the way.  In my house, the guns stay locked up.  The safe stays out of site.  The kids will stay safe.  And as I pass on this knowledge to my boy as he grows up and my girl after him, their kids will also continue to stay safe also.  I refuse to become a statistic and I will continue to do my part to inform my customers on the many benefits of owning a gun safe.  Together we’ll strive towards a safer environment for our families.