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These days, the world is full of worried individuals and dangerous people leading them to do almost every impossible thing to put their minds at ease. When making a large purchase that involves safety and peace of mind, it is essential to have product knowledge. Each of the Cannon gun safes are built keeping in mind the worst-case scenario while balancing the designed to provide you easy use day-in and day-out. The door organizer panels of these safes helps people in keeping everything in their safe in a well-organized manner.

These safes are featured with a power supply and media outlet that is built into the safe. Moreover, these safes also come with ready to use, 110 power outlets along with a USB and RJ45. The 110 outlets allow the owners to plug in their dehumidifier rod or other electronics without drilling any holes through the safe's body. Additionally, the USB and RJ45 allow an external hard-drive or computer tower to be kept safe while allowing you to access your sensitive computer files.

These safes come with the following lock mechanism:

Electronic Locks

One of the most popular locks in the gun safe market these days is the electronic lock. This lock comes with a keypad that is utilized to enter a numeric sequence and if entered correctly, the safe will open. Powered completely by an internal battery, these electronic locks have a security feature that lock an individual out for a period of time or permanently if the wrong code is entered too many times.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are the most common type of locks that are mostly used in bikes and safes. Most of these locks come with a dial that turns clockwise then counterclockwise and then open after a three digit combination has been entered. The lock works with three internal discs that are connected directly or indirectly with the combination dial on the outside of the safe. The third disc is typically connected to the dial and after the right combination is entered, it opens the safe door.