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Browning Gun Safes Beautiful On The Outside Tough On The Inside

In 1879, John Browning started a company named Browning, which is today one of the most sought-after gun safe brands. The Browning gun safe has an attractive and visually appealing exterior which comprises of a sleek finish, fine fit of hinges, welds and craftsmanship, attractive game scenes and scroll designs that make the Browning gun safe appear classy and elegant. Whereas, the internal working mechanism is also highly efficient as the safe is equipped with components that enhance the security of firearms and other valuables. The safes feature the finest locks, protective cam locking systems and other innovative attack-resistant features.

If you want to purchase the best quality Browning Safe at most reasonable prices, you must visit Some of the Browning Gun Safe models they have in stock are described below:

Browning Silver Series SR49 Wide Gun Safe: 49 Gun Safe

The Browning Silver Series SR49 Wide Gun Safe is the perfect amalgamation of protection, features, and value. As the name suggests, this SR49 is a safe that has the capacity to hold up to 49 long guns with room to spare for other valuables and handguns.

Browning PV1000 Biometric Large Pistol Vault

The Browning PV1000 Biometric Large Pistol Vault is one of the most secure storage solutions in the market for handguns and pistols. This is due to the fact that an extra amount of steel is used in the construction of this vault. The safe is highly advanced on the technical front as interior LED lighting and an electronic four button keypad enhance the level of security of the guns.

Browning SR33 Gun Safe Silver Series: 33 Gun Safe

The Browning SR33 Gun Safe is the smallest safe in the Silver line. It comprises of a trim interior and an axis interior. The trim interior possesses the capacity for storing as much as 33 long guns and the Axis interior is used for storing smaller valuables.

Browning Sporter-19 Closet: 19 Gun Safe

This Browning Sporter safe comes standard with 12 Gauge Steel like all Sporter Series safes. This safe has a capacity of storing 19 long guns in its interior and is designed to take up wall space rather than floor space. is one of the foremost names in the market for providing high-quality gun safes. Besides gun safes, they also provide home safes, gun cabinets, and fire safes.