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    Trust Guard Security Scanned

    SS-Series Safes

    Stack-On Full Sized Gun Security Safes with Fully Carpeted Interior are DOJ-approved, Include Large, Live Action Locking Bolts, Solid Steel Dead Bolts on the Hinge Side of the Door of Full-Length Safes.

    These security safes include Stack-On's patented gun barrel rests and standoffs for scoped guns and a flush mount bottom for easier attachment to the floor.

    10 Gun Safe with Combination Lock

    Holds 10 Rifles or Shotguns up to 54" Tall. Available in Black Matte Finish.


    California DOJ-approved firearms safety device.
    This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. 3-number combination lock with a drill resistant, hardened steel plate behind the lock provides greater security.
    2-Way locking with 1" steel live action locking bolts - 5 locking points.
    2-Way locking with 3 - 1" steel live action locking bolts and 3 dead bolts for 6 locking points.
    Adjustable shelves are included.
    Safe holds 10 firearms up to 54" tall. Includes a removable shelf. Shelf is positioned in front of the unit so longer guns can be stored along the back wall. Fully carpeted interior.


    • Exterior Dimensions: 15-7/8" W (40.3cm), 15-1/8" D (38.4cm), 55-1/8" H (140cm)
    • Interior Dimensions: 15.63" W, 12' D, 54.88" H
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 5.96 (10293 cubic inches)
    • Shipping Weight: 146 lbs.
    • Interior Capacity: 10 guns plus removable shelf
    • Number of Shelves: 1
    • Locking Points: 6 (3-1" Live Action Bolts, 3-Steel Dead Bolts)
    • Master Carton Dimensions: 17-1/16" W, 17" D, 56-1/4" H
    • Color: Black matte finish
    • Notes: Not recommended for storing CD's or other electronic storage devices. Fastening hardware is included with each safe.

    Stack-On Products Co. (“Stack-On”) Security Plus Steel Safes are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of original purchase by a consumer. This warranty extends to the initial consumer only.

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    Stack-On SS-10-MB-E Gun Safe w/ Electronic Lock - 10-Gun

    Hi. This is Shannon, and I am the Stack On products specialist here at I thought I would take just a minute to talk about the features and benefits of the SS-10-MB-E.

    The SS-10-MB-E is a perfect option for those looking for a smaller and affordable safe. Although not fire rated, it does provide a safe and secure location to consolidate your gun collection with its 13 gauge steel body, 2-way locking action of 1” steel bolts at 5 points, and drill resistant hard plate. And to prove its reliability for security, the SS-10-MB-E has been tested and listed as a California DOJ Firearm Safety Device. Stack On also provides all of the mounting hardware, so for additional security and the best protection, you have the option of bolting it down.

    Capable of holding 10 long guns, the interior is fully lined to prevent scratching to your barrels and stocks and contains a removable shelf, which is positioned toward the front of the unit so longer guns can be stored along the back wall. However, keep in mind that long guns cannot exceed 54”.

    The SS-10-MB-E comes equipped with an electronic lock that includes lights that indicate open, low battery warning and invalid entry. There is also a time out feature that activates after 3 incorrect attempts. But a rather unique feature to a safe this size is that it comes with a trouble key. So, if you are in a position where you have forgotten your combination, you still have immediate access to your guns.

    Stack on has also constructed the SS models with a tough and attractive exterior. Coated in a black epoxy paint finish and adorned with chrome accents and hardware, it makes for a suitable addition to any garage, basement, or man cave.

    So, if you are in the market for security combined with affordability, I think the SS-10-MB-E would be an excellent choice to meet both of those needs. And just as a side note, if you would prefer a combination lock over electronic, you can check out the SS-10-MG-C. Stack On has conveniently provided you with both options.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Jensen Beach Florida

    Overall Good safe

    The one problem I have with this safe is that my 10 long guns don't fit properly. I can squeeze them in but they can't line up with the installed position. The locking system and overall workmanship is great so I gave it a 4 out of 5.

    Great safe for the price!

    I have enjoyed my new safe. I holds my four long guns with ease and I use the remaining floor space for a couple of handguns and accessories. The shelf is small but it holds another handgun (Glock 35) and some ammo with ease. The key pad is great and easy to use. Overall, it was exactly what I was looking for. Oh, yeah, the shipping was pretty quick and it arrived in great shape. I was able to lug it up to my room by myself with no problem.

    Good for what it does--but this is NOT the kind of safe to prevent theft.

    This safe is nicely constructed for what it is--a means of safely locking up your guns from children or other curious individuals. The electronic lock can be opened in the dark (unlike a rotary combo lock) which is better in case you need to access your guns in the middle of the night.

    What this safe is NOT, however, is a true gun safe that will prevent a burglar from stealing your guns. Even if you bolt the safe to the ground, in the corner of a closet (which is mandatory for all safes to actually work) this safe will not prevent a burglar from carrying it away, or simply opening it on site within 10 minutes. Even the 1500 lb safes, when bolted to the ground, can be opened with the right tools in just a few minutes.

    Instead, this safe gives you enough heft and security to keep your children and house-guests from accessing your guns. Preventing a tragedy is worth the $400. Anything lighter may actually be opened by a curious teen; this safe is more than enough to protect your family. Finally, a thief who is looking for a super-fast score, like a smash and grab, will avoid it at all costs, so you do have some slight protection of theft.