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    Product Details

    • Safe to use with sensitive materials (non-toxic)
    • Indicator system is built to signal when silica gel is saturated and needs reactivating
    • Reactivates in the oven, for cord-free convenience
    • 57 cu feet protection
    • Prevents condensation; Stops rust , mildew, corrosion and spoilage
    • Individual package dimensions 7-Inch h x 6.5-Inch w x 5 1/2-Inch d

    Liberty Safes 10586 30-35-40 Model Accessory Door Panel

    Hi. This is Shannon with, here to touch on some of the best features of the Liberty Accessory Door Panel, and why it can prove to be an essential addition to the interior of your safe.

    If your safe currently doesn’t have organization on the door, than Liberty definitely has the answer for you! Designed to maximize the storage capacity within your safe, it’s conveniently available in six varying sizes. The Accessory Door Panel simply clips over the interior fabric panel of your safe door with ease and secures to the sides with adjustable elastic hooks, ensuring a snug fit.

    Equipped with a multitude of pockets and holsters, it includes: soft lined quick draw holsters, heat resistant document storage, zip pockets, choke tube holders and a cool pocket; the storage possibilities are quite considerable. Freeing up additional shelf space within your safe allows room for cash, coin, jewelry and other valuables that would’ve been significantly monopolized by pistol racks or gun accessories.

    Feedback by our customers has been resoundingly positive for this accessory. However, please note, at this time, I have found that these do not fit Cannon safes, due to the way the interior of their doors are designed. Their panels are recessed and do not allow the clips of the accessory door panel to hook over the top. But, if you own any other brand of safe, and are looking for an affordable solution to maximize storage and organization, I highly recommend purchasing Liberty’s accessory door panel.