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SecureIt Tactical Small Bin
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Item #: B0453-Y -

SMALL BINSmall bins are used to store Parts, ammo and weapon attachments. Bin size and system design allows for gear to be stored behind weapons. 5”d x 4”w x 3”h, holds up to 8 lbs.SpecificationsInjection-molded polymerResistant to oil and cleaning solventsRemovable dividerLarge enough to fit chokes, cleaning supplies, ammunition ...

Intelligent Firearm Storage.

SecureIt, in conjunction with US Army Special forces has developed a patented system called CradleGrid, to protect valuable firearms through proper storage. This innovative technology has been proven by military armorers, confirmed by LE agencies, and coveted by gun owners around the world.

A Solution for Every Situation.

This technology is featured in a variety of storage solutions from small hidden safes, to high density racks and open gun walls. A combination of these options are suggested for decentralizing your firearm collection.

CradleGrid Anatomy.

CradleGrid anatomy is simple, and consists of three parts. Louvered panels that are the gridded backbone of the system, saddles that adjust on the louvers to cradle any length firearm, and the stock base that supports the butt in individually tiered channels.

Unique Platform

The system is designed so firearms “cannot make contact with other firearms” preventing dings and damage. This also allows ample room for storage with optics attached and therefore, no need to re zero. You get straight-line access to each firearm without having to move other firearms out of the way, and organizational awareness, meaning you can take a visual inventory of your contents at a glance.

Unlimited Configurations

Customize your storage by adding bins, trays, shelves, mag holders, display mounts, and pistol pegs, etc., The configurations are unlimited and specific to your firearms, wants, and needs. These options let you organize related gear along with your firearms.