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Stealth Tactical - Door Panel Double Clip Pouch
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Item #: STL-Clip-Pouch
Retail: $14.99
Price: $8.49
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
Stealth Item #: STL-Clip-Pouch -

Product DetailsHave you noticed that it takes the handgun off the shelf, but leaves you absolutely nowhere to put the magazines?Most people just throw their clips on the shelves leaving them cluttered, unorganized and susceptible to banging into each other causing scratches and numerous other cosmetic defects.What if you could put your gun’s magazines right next to the gun?No more clutter, no more banged up mags, just a clean, organized and efficient safe.Now Introducing the Stealth Velcro...

Tactical Walls - *NEW* MOD Wall - MOD Wall Right Pointing AR10 Hanger
Item #: TWMD-RAR10
Retail: $15.00
Price: $12.00
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Tactical Walls Item #: TWMD-RAR10 -

Product Description The MOD Wall Right Pointing AR-10 Hanger is an optional MOD Wall accessory. It is shaped like a standard AR-10 magazine on which your AR-10 will hang. “Right pointing” means that once the AR-10 is hanging on the attachment, the barrel will point Right. We also offer a Left pointing version. Note: This accessory is intended to be used with a MOD Wall Panel. ...