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RocLok Hide-A-Key                                        

When it comes to diversion security products, RocLok© Hide-A-Key has chiseled out a niche for itself, somewhere between a rock and secure place.

Considered the ultimate key safe in the security industry, RocLok© has crafted a line of realistic, inconspicuous and highly secure outdoor key storage products that resemble seven distinct types of rocks, designed to blend naturally into your garden or rock bed. The differing styles of stones are divided into three categories based on size and resemble such geological finds as Dolomite to Gila to Piedmont. Weather resistant, each RocLok© is equipped with a lock box that displaces water to keep your keys safe and free from moisture and is secured by a tumbler style mechanical lock (no batteries or power source required), and is programmable with up to 1000 unique user combinations.

Although the realistic façade of each RocLok© almost guarantees security through obscurity, the option of a Lok Down security system can be purchased to accompany your hide-a-key rock. The 20” stainless steel security cable can be pushed deep into the ground and anchored with a DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor. Similar to a toggle bolt for drywall, the anchor is driven into the ground vertically and then shifts horizontally when tension is applied to the cable, creating resistance nearly impossible to override.

In addition to being discreet, safe, secure, and not to mention affordable, an equally outstanding feature of the key safe is that it is manufactured exclusively in the USA from nearly 90% domestic materials.

Perfect for school-aged “key latch” children, house sitters, rental properties and realtors, or frequent travelers, the RocLok© Hide-A-Key series of diversion key vaults can translate to innumerable applications and environments. To purchase, visit at or call toll free at 1.855.248.6723.