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LockState Safes Information

LockState manufactures a large variety of locks and safes. Their selection of safes include small cash and jewelry safes, closet safes, wall safes, laptop safes, as well as fireproof safes. A LockState safe is perfectly suited to store and protect any smaller valuables in your home or office..... click here to continue below.

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Features of a LockState Safe

LockState safes come with a variety of features so it is recommended to browse the options to ensure you're getting the protection you need. All LockState safes are backed by a 1 year warranty. The lock options include an electronic master code lock (3-8 digit code), an electronic master code and a separate user code, or a 4 number combination lock. All come with 2 override keys. And choose between the protection of 2 5/8” locking bolts or 1 locking bolt and 1” stationary bolt. Also, look for other features including the tamper proof protection system that includes a 5 min hold after 4 incorrect code entries, a 1 hour/1800 degree fire rating, and pre-drilled hole for wall or floor mounting.

LockState also offers a wide selection of high quality mechanical and electronic keyless entry door locks for almost any application. For example, the lock line includes door locks, remote controlled deadbolt locks, and more! LockState’s newest lock; the resort lock allows property owners to provide their guest with temporary access codes that start and end at the owner's discretion. No longer will property owners have to issue keys or permanent entry codes to guests.