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Hollon FB Series 2 Hr. Commercial Fire & Burglary Safe

Boasting a high compression rated proprietary concrete mixture for a 2 hour fire protection, sandwiched between two steel walls, the Commercial Series from Hollon Safe Co. is one of the toughest fire and burglary safe lines on the market today.

In addition to the body construction, both locking options have been amped up to provide exceptional security, and in turn, peace of mind.The Hollon mechanical dial lock is a UL listed Group II, and has been designed to outlast similar models by 300%, which translates to 100,000 openings.The electronic lock, by Sargent & Greenleaf, is a Spartan UL listed Type 1 and has been designed with the consumer’s greatest concerns in mind.It is manipulation resistant and protected against radiological attacks, as well as features a lock-out mode to prevent digital combination tampering.

To round out the significant list of security features, the total body thickness measures 3.4 inches, followed by a door thickness of 5.2 inches. Hollon has also added a tempered glass relocker.This device is placed between the safe door and the lock, with wires randomly leading to spring-loaded locking bolts, and any attempt to penetrate the safe will break the glass and engage the bolts.It’s just another level of defense that makes the Commercial Series FB line of safes a serious contender in the home and office safe category.

Hollon Safe Co. has been in the major player in the security industry since 2008. A family owned and operated manufacturer, they emphasize design, quality and community, which is apparent in every product, including their commercial fire and burglary safes.And for a full line up of Hollon safes, you can visit and speak to one of their knowledgeable representatives about which safe best fits your needs and budget.