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  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
  • Heritage Legacy LX3966 - 95 Minute/ 48 Gun Safe - GSLX3966
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    The Heritage Legacy series safes, combine uncompromised security with exceptional value. Heavy, attractive, and secure, they mark the standard against which all other home/office/gun safes are measured.

    • UL listed and certified for security
    • Class IV 95-minute ITR fire certification
    • 1/8" steel body
    • 3/4" solid-edge door
    • Strong external hinges with caps
    • 2 1/4" firewall (up to 4 layers plus one layer of steel)
    • Pyro-Shield thermal blanket in cieling
    • Palusol fire seal
    • 1 1/4" diameter pry-bolt locking bolts at critical spots
    • UL-listed group II lock
    • 5-point handle
    • 4-way positive deadlock locking mechanism
    • Diam-a-Shield™ double hardplate protecting critical spots
    • Visible relocker bolt with glass trigger plate
    • Quad Sleeve™ relocker and overcam design
    • Detent system
    • EZ utility door organizer
    • Plush suede velour interior walls and shelving
    • Deluxe door organizer
    • ITR-Certified Fire Protection:

      Protecting your valuables from fire damage is just as important as protecting them from theft. Our revolutionary design of multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and state-of-the-art welding techniques has raised the bar in fire protection. Our safes have been tested and certified in independent scientific testing facilities, passing the rigorous fire-endurance testing with flying colors. All of our standard safes come with fire protection that starts at 75 minutes in the Centennial line and increases to an amazing 125 minutes in the Ultimate line. Itech Thermal Response Fire Certification Results

      PalusolAll Heritage safes feature Palusol fire seal around the entire inside perimeter of the door, which not only increases the fire resistance but also protects your valuables from water damage that might otherwise occur as a result of fire-fighting efforts. Our Legacy and Ultimate safes take fire protection yet one step further with our unique Pyro-Shield thermal blanket with a maximum temperature rating of 2300 degrees placed in the ceiling of the safe, where it typically gets hottest during a fire, and in the door, which is usually the weak link in fire protection.

      Note: Heritage safes, like most home, office, and gun safes that offer fire protection, are designated as fire resistant rather than fireproof. Fire protection is dependent on many factors, including duration of the fire, available fuel, and location and intensity of heat.

      Heritage Safe Security Features - A Cut Above The Rest

      The name of the game in safes is to use heavy steel construction and inpenetrable defenses to thwart thieves' attempts at forced entry. Given enough time and technology, any safe in the world — even the most secure bank vault — can eventually be breached. So the goal in safe-making is to make forced entry so difficult and time-consuming as to defeat even the most determined and sophisticated thieves. It’s a challenge Heritage Safe takes seriously!

      The safe door is the primary point of attack. Heritage Safe Co. safe doors have 4 times as much steel as the industry standard. Additional standard features include: 1.25" diameter solid steel locking pry-bolts that extend a full 2" (twice as far as most brands) to lock securely behind the solid reinforced door frame. Tempered-glass trigger plate with visible relocker bolt for additional security against attempts to drill the lock.

      Fully recessed door to frustrate prying Diam-a-Shield™ solid hardplate shielding critical areas like lock and relockers in the door, providing 30 times the protection against drilling afforded by other brands. Quad Sleeve™ automatic relockers that completely lock up the safe in response to impact, torch, or prying.

      4-way heavy positive deadlock locking mechanism that ensures that locking bolts cannot be forced to retract regardless of side impact. UL-listed Group II combination lock with keylocking dial that prevents intruders from even turning the dial.

      Exclusive patented pry-bolt technology that secures the safe door against prying by clasping the safe body doorjamb in a pry attack.

      More About Heritage:

      As a family-owned, hometown gun safe business, Heritage Safe Company knows the value of preserving and protecting the things you hold dear. We have built our gun safe business on securing your irreplaceable possessions and protecting your heritage.

      At Heritage Safe Company, we take pride in every gun safe and home safe manufactured. Heritage Safe continues to set the standard in home gun safe security, fire protection, value and elegance. Every Heritage, Fortress and Ruger® gun safe and home safe is custom built using only the highest quality materials, with extra care taken to ensure your satisfaction for a lifetime.

      No matter what you choose to secure in your Heritage safe --- heirlooms, guns, important documents, jewelry --- we have a make and model of home gun safe suited just for you. Join the tens of thousands who have already found an affordable, responsible and sensible way to safeguard their prized possessions in the convenience of their own home --- a Heritage gun safe.

      We at Heritage Safe Co. are committed to public safety, public policy that protects children, and legislation that benefits the gun owner. Heritage Safe Co is a member of and supports The National Gun Safe Coalition.


    • 66"h x 39"w x 31"d
    • Weight: 1025 lbs
    • Depth includes the handle and lock

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