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  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
  • Gun Storage Solutions - 10 Rifle Rod Kit - RR10SK - RR10SK
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    Product Details

    Think your gun safe is full? Think again!

    Now you can store more guns and have easier access to the guns in the back. Forget the pre-installed notched gun racks! Gun Storage Solutions American-made Rifle Rods, a hook and loop based system, individually stabilize each long gun upright, rather than leaning, for more versatility.
    Rifle Rods adapt to any space - gun safe, closet, cabinet or anywhere there is a shelf.
    The usual space hogs, like scopes, shotguns, and tactical weapons, are easily stored using Rifle Rods.

    Customers report an average increase of 50% more guns.

    Rifle Rods - 10 Pack Includes:
    • 10 Rifle Rods
    • Fits as small as 22 caliber (Smaller caliber Rifle Rods available: 17 Caliber - 2 Pack)
    • Total length - 16"
    • Injection molded plastic product
    • Ultra-sonically welded VelcroTM coin on top
    • 19" X15" Sheet of Shelf Liner

    To use Rifle Rods, a previous purchase of a Rifle Rods Kit or Rifle Rods Shelf Liner is needed.


    What if I have some guns that are too short for the Rifle Rods?
    Most importantly, make sure the shelf above the guns is placed as low as possible.
    For varying lengths of guns, arrange guns of similar heights together. If you have one or two extra long guns, try running them through a cut-out in the shelf to the ceiling (place loop fabric on ceiling to use Rifle Rods).
    If the Rifle Rod is not halfway down the barrel of the gun, the rod will bow. As a solution, place an object underneath the gun to make up for the difference in height. Suggested objects are: ammo cans, books or boxes. The best solution is to build a custom shelf to the size desired - this will give extra storage underneath the guns!

    Rifle Rods seem loose in my shotguns. Why aren't they available in different calibers?

    Rifle Rods are made at one standard size for 22 caliber rifles and any caliber size larger. The best feature of our products is their versatility. Everyone's gun collection is different so Gun Storage Solutions has designed products as close to one-size-fits-all as possible (excluding smaller than 22 caliber - we have a 17 Caliber Rifle Rod for that!). Yes, this means that Rifle Rods will have more wiggle room in a 50 gauge shotgun, but this does not hinder the function of the product.
    Gravity is our friend! Keeping the weight of the gun distributed on the floor. The Rifle Rod only stabilizes the gun in the upright position. A tighter fit in the barrel may make you feel more comfortable, but you will find over time that Rifle Rods made for specific calibers is an unnecessary feature and would only add to the price of our American made product.


    1. Remove notched gun rack. There is more room for Rifle Rods to maximize storage space without the notched gun rack.
    2. Remove lowest full-length shelf to attach the Shelf Liner (included in Rifle Rods Kits) to the underside using a staple gun or upholstery tacks. Space staples or tacks about 3” apart. Cut off excess loop fabric. Place shelf back into safe, 2" above your longest gun.
    3. Stand gun upright and pull up on Rifle Rod until VelcroTM and Shelf Liner are securely attached. The Rifle Rod should be halfway in the barrel of the gun or it may bow and compromise the stability of the gun.

    5 Year Warranty

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    Great Space saver

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    <p>The system to increase storage works as stated. The application of the fabric is key to insure proper tension. When installed it is possible to position and adjust long gun placement to maximize space.
    The company was quick to ship and packaging was secure and sturdy.
    Great experience.</p>