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  • Fort Knox 2017 Defender 6031 / 90 Minute - 40 Gun Vault - D6031
  • Fort Knox 2017 Defender 6031 / 90 Minute - 40 Gun Vault - D6031
  • Fort Knox 2017 Defender 6031 / 90 Minute - 40 Gun Vault - D6031
  • Fort Knox 2017 Defender 6031 / 90 Minute - 40 Gun Vault - D6031
  • Fort Knox 2017 Defender 6031 / 90 Minute - 40 Gun Vault - D6031
Item #: D6031
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 5-7 Weeks
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    Product Details

    Fort Knox Defender 6031

    Quick Specifications of Defender Series Fort Knox

    • Gauge Steel (Body): 10 Gauge Body
    • Gauge Steel (Door): 10 Gauge Steel (1/4" Inner Plate Steel)
    • Standard Lock: Group 2 S&G Dial Lock (Up-gradable to other locks)
    • Hinge Type: Standard Internal Hinges (External, 2S Crane Hinge also available)
    • Locking Bolts: 11 Locking Bolts
    • Quadrafold Door Frame: Yes
    • Unibody Construction: Yes
    • UL Listed: Yes
    • Relocker: Yes
    • Fire Rating: 90 Minutes / 1890° (Up-gradable to 120 Minutes)
    • Paint Texture: Textured Finish (Gloss, and Distressed Optional)
    • Door Swing: Right Side Hinge (Left Side Hinge Optional)
    • 5:1 Gear Ratio: Yes
    • Electrical Outlet: Yes
    • Bolt Detend: Yes
    • Door Organizer: Optional
    • Reinforced Fire Door Steel Upgrade (1/8”): Optional
    • Door Steel Upgrade: Optional
    • Interior Lighting: Optional
    • Inner Steel Liner: Optional
    • Stainless Steel Liner: Optional
    • Star Corner Bolts: Optional
    • ArmaKnox Bullet Proof Steel Liner Option: Optional
    • Easy Glide Ball Bearing Hinges: Yes
    • 5 Spoke Clutch Drive Handle: Yes
    • Folded Door: Yes
    • Finial Pull Handle: Optional
    • Vault Drawer System: Optional
    • Mirror Back Wall: Optional
    • Turret Storage System: Optional
    • Carpeted Vault Pedestal: Optional
    • Pistold Storage Door Rack: Optional
    • Door Holsters: Optional
    • Lock Light: Optional

    This table below represents what options are not available, optional, or standard on each series of vault.

    Maverick Defender Protector Executive Guardian Titan Legend
    Fire Protection
    75 / 1200| 90 / 1680| 90 / 1680| 90 / 1680| 90 / 1680| 90 / 1680| 90 / 1680
    Overall Body

    11ga 10ga 3/16" 1/4" 3/16" 3/8" 1/2"
    Door Edge Steel

    3/8" (.3886)| 1/2" (.51)| 1/2" (.51)| 5/8" (.64)| 5/8" (.64)| 3/4" (.71)| 1" (.96)
    Corner Bolts

    N/A Optional Optional Optional 4 Bolts STD| 4 Bolts STD| 4 Bolts STD|
    Locking Bolts

    11 13 13 20 20 20 28
    Stainless Steel

    N/A Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard

    N/A Optional Optional Optional Optional 3/16" 3/16"
    Inside Steel


    N/A Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard

    Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard
    Dehumidifier Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard

    Info below is regarding all options available to all of Fort Knox's safes. Not all options may be available for safe that is being listed. Please refer to listed info above to see if desired option is available.

    Safe Configuration: Fort Knox is the only company that allows every safe to have its own custom interior. Not all configurations are available to every size of safe.

    Fort Knox Configuration

    Trim Options:
    Choose from multiple styles, and colors. This includes the standard Classic trims, Elite, Performance, and double Diamond. For those that want to go out of the norm, there is the Riveted Trim. This puts 24 rivets on the safe to give it a more industrial look. This goes great with the distressed paint option.

    Fort Knox Trim Options

    Interior Fabric: The interior fabric of each Fort Knox can be customized to your liking. Choose from multiple colors of standard fabric, or switch to a velour fabric.
    Interior Fabric Options

    Steel: Each Fort Knox safe is built with the best in its class steel. Every series of Fort Knox safes has different styles of steel, ranging from the standard 11 gauge steel on the Maverick, all the way up to the Legend's 1/4" Steel. Every series of safe also includes its own combination of outer steel, inner steel, stainless steel, or ArmaKnox steel. See the list at the top of the description to see what the series you are looking at has.

    Locking Mechanism: All Fort Knox safes come standard with a Group 2 S&G mechanical lock. This can be upgraded to a key locking dial, electronic lock, manipulation proof mechanical lock, or even Fort Knox’s Redundant (allows for both a mechanical lock, and electronic lock for ease of access, on one locking bolt).

    Hinge Type: Every Fort Knox Vault (Not Maverick) comes with internal hinges. It can also be switched to an external hinge with hinge caps at no additional cost (hinge caps are an upgraded option on the Maverick). As an upgraded option, there is the Fort Knox’s 2S Crane Hinge, that allows for the door to move completely away from the body of the safe to allow for maximum access, at no cost to the integrity of the vault.

    Locking Bolts: Every series of Fort Knox comes with different amounts of 1 1/2" locking bolts. See the list at the top for how many this safe has.

    Quadrafold Door Frame: The Quadrafold Door Frame is meant to be the strongest in the industry. With multiple folds, the bolts are locked tightly behind them for maximum security.

    Uni-body Construction: This uni-body design allows for more strength due having less welds that can be broken in an attack. This steel is folded into shape, instead of welded. The way the body is folded, it also gives the door a recessed seat to make it almost impossible to pry open.

    UL Listed: All Fort Knox Vaults are UL listed by the 3rd party agency. Each safe has to abide by specific guidelines and rules.

    Relocker: All Fort Knox Vaults (Not Maverick) come with the Fort Knox Triple Re-locker System. The re-locker system is meant to drop in position and keep the door closed if someone attempts to cut out the lock. This is just one more step that Fort Knox takes to keep your valuables safe.

    Certificated Fire: The Fort Knox Vaults (Not Maverick) feature the patented Inferno Shield 90 system. The Inferno Shield allows the safe to be able to handle 1680 degrees for a total of 90 minutes. UL Listed C-Rated fireboard is used on all sides, and dead air space is utilized in between the fireboard and steel. Fort Knox's internal hinges do not interfere with this fire rating.

    Paint: Every Fort Knox full size safe comes standard with a textured finish. Textured finishes are great for keeping away fingerprints, and are much more resilient to damage. Gloss finishes are great for use as a center piece in your home, or to express your interests. They are painted with a 5 stage paint process, much like what you would find on a luxury vehicle. For those that want something even more original, the Two-Tone Paint job (Door one color, and the body a different one), the faded paint (door and body different colors, but over sprayed onto the door), or the Distressed Finish (matte black paint, and randomly distressed) can be chosen.

    Door Swing: Every Fort Knox Vault comes standard with a right side hinge, however Fort Knox allows for the option to move the hinge to the left side. The Maverick series is only able to have a right side hinge.

    5:1 Gear Ratio: Fort Knox has become one of the top in its business due to its innovation. With the 5:1 Gear ratio they have taken it one step further. Every Vault (Excluding the Maverick Series) now comes with this feature. It allows for the handle to be spun multiple times to open the safe instead of a ¼ turn like most safes. It creates a much smoother experience. These vault also have a clutch system that prevents damage to the safe when undue or excessive force is applied on the handle. This means that if someone tries to force your safe open, it will not be permanently damaged.

    Electrical Outlet: A power supply strip is standard in all Fort Knox Vaults except for the Maverick series. This makes it easy to charge any electronic while keeping it safe, or to add a light kit, or a dehumidifier rod (recommended in all safes).

    Bolt Detent: This feature is often overlooked, but very important. The Bolt Detent keeps the bolts from extending when the door is open, so that when closing the door, the bolts do not hit the safe and damage the paint, or the bolts. This comes on every Fort Knox Vault except for the Maverick series.

    Door Organizer: The door organizer is an essential part to every safe. The safe can easier contain jewelry, pistols, and much more on the door, thus freeing up space within the safe itself. This feature is optional on the Maverick, and Defender series, and is standard on all other series of vaults.

    Reinforced Fire Door Steel Upgrade (1/8”): This will upgrade your steel on the door an additional 1/8” as well as add another layer of fireboard.

    Door Steel Upgrade: This will upgrade the steel plate on your door an additional 1/8”.

    Interior Lighting: Starting in 2017 Fort Knox has made LED lighting the standard in their safes. For vaults where lighting is not standard there is an option for either a single LED on the ceiling of the safe, or for more lighting, the full LED lights system can be chosen. The Full LED Light System allows for an even lighting throughout the safe. The Titan and Legend series both come standard with lighting, and either LED or Florescent lights can be chosen.

    Inner Steel Liner: This feature is normally overlooked, but is also one of the most important. Adding an inner steel liner basically is creating a safe within a safe. Each layer of inner steel liner is a 10 gauge steel that is beneath the standard outer steel shell. If a thief is trying to cut into the side of your safe, they may get through the outer layer, only to find another layer to get through. This layer also becomes more difficult than the first due to the location of the steel. Fort Knox allows for up to 4 additional 10 Gauge Inner Steel liners. For the cost, this cannot be beat, and is highly recommended. This option is available on all series of Vaults except for the Maverick Series.

    Stainless Steel Liner: The stainless steel liner is much like the inner steel liner, where it creates a safe within a safe when added. The different between the two, is that this form of Stainless Steel dissipates heat throughout the metal, which makes it much more difficult to use tools, or cutting torches on. If a thief is able to get through the outer layer of the safe, they will be very hard pressed to get through this 10 gauge stainless steel, even if they brought the right tools. This option is available on all series of vaults except for the Maverick Series.
    Stainless Steel Liner

    Star Corner Bolts: Star Corner bolts work with the standard bolts to add even more protection to your safe. The number one place a thief will go to pry open a door is going to be the corners. On most safes, this is the easiest place to get play in the door. With the patented hardened star corner bolts, this now becomes one of the hardest places, and will make the thief spend much more time on a vault, only to give up and try somewhere else.

    ArmaKnox Bullet Proof Steel Liner Option: This option is for those who have everything. This adds a liner of steel, much like the Inner Steel Liner, to the interior of the safe. The difference with this option is that it is a 7-Gauge ArmaKnox AR 500 that is rated to be bullet proof with 3 shots of a .44 magnum Pistol. This option is available on all series of safes except for the Maverick Series.

    Easy Glide Ball Bearing Hinges: Every Fort Knox safe comes with Easy Glide Ball Bearing Hinges, which make opening your safe a breeze. These are adjustable and tamper proof. Internal hinges allow for the door to be opened 100 degrees, and the external allow for a full 180 degrees.

    5 Spoke Clutch Drive Handle: Fort Knox includes the 5 Spoke clutch drive handle on all series of safes. This is high end handle, that is hard to compete with.

    Folded Door: This style of door has been proven to be the maximum in strength and longevity.

    Finial Pull Handle: The finial pull handle is great for larger safes, as it will allow for less stress on the turn handle on the safe, which causes less issues in the long run. It also is a great aesthetic addition.
    Finial Pull Handle

    Vault Drawer System: This system can be added to any safe. This is great for anyone that wants to use their safe for items other than guns. However this does either do away with gun storage, or will take up a large section of the safe and minimize its capacity. The drawers are 16 ½” Wide x 11” Deep, and 36” High.

    Mirror Back Wall: The mirror back wall allows for easily seeing what is in the back of your safe. The mirror extends from the middle shelf to the top. This option works great with the optional interior lighting.

    Turret Storage System: For easy access of your guns, this option allows for 8-12 guns to be put on the door. However this will cut into the shelving on the high side of the safe.

    Carpeted Vault Pedestal: Use this pedestal to raise your vault up 5 inches to make it more accessible. The color of the pedestal will follow the interior fabric you choose.

    Pistol Storage Door Rack: The Pistol Storage Door Rack puts rails on the door to keep pistols, or other objects via hooks.

    Door Holsters: Organize your pistols with 5 or 10 pistol holsters that use hook and loop to adhere to your door or interior of safe. One size fits most pistols.

    Lock Light: This simple feature sheds light onto your mechanical, or electronic lock.


    • Height: 60.5"
    • Width: 31"
    • Volume: 25 cu. ft.
    • Depth/Overall: 27" (30" with handle)
    • Weight: 895 lbs
    • Locking Bolts: 11 - 1 1/2"

    Lifetime Warranty

    Fort Knox Inc. warrants to the original purchaser only, that each new vault will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery. Integral units such as locks are subject to this same warranty.

    Fort Knox Inc. will replace any vault, free of charge, broken into by forced entry or damaged due to an unlawful attempt during the lifetime of the original purchaser.

    Damaged vault must be returned for evaluation to Fort Knox Inc. by prepaid freight along with the report made by the investigating agency. The new replacement vault will be sent to the customer freight collect.

    The responsibility of Fort Knox Inc. under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective part at the Fort Knox Inc., Orem, Utah factory, or at a point designated by them, with expense for transportation, if necessary, to be borne by the original purchaser. In no event shall Fort Knox Inc. liability exceed the original cost of the product.

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