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Factors to Be Taken Into Consideration When Buying Floor Safes

With an alarming increase in crime rates, more and more people are thinking about their valuables and how they can protect them against intrusion and the elements. One of the best ways to keep ammunition and valuables secure is to store them in floor safes. These safes not only keep your valuables secure, they also provide peace of mind. They are the perfect option for concealing your valuables and providing the ultimate protection against both burglary attacks and fire.

However, before buying these safes you need to think about certain factors:

Nature of floor safes:

Floor safes are specifically designed to provide protection and security to ammunition and other valuables. They are constructed exclusively to be mounted into the concrete slab of a floor. To maximize potential, manufacturers of floor safes strongly suggest a careful analyzation of the position of the safe. If mounted properly, floor safes can be the best protection against burglary, as well as tragedies like fire.


Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the size of the safe. Before purchasing the safe, measure the area where you plan to keep it. Choose a floor safe that fits into the space you have in your home. After deciding on size, look for a floor safe with an interior that will hold all of your guns and ammunition.

Must have a solid door jamb:

Ensure that the floor safe you buy has a continuously welded jamb to avoid mishap. The best way to check what type of jamb a floor safe has is to look at the outside walls of the safe. A continuously welded safe has a weld line of about 2” below the top edge of the safe.


As floor safe installation can be a little complicated, you need to pay extra attention. When installing floor safes initially, you need to cut a slab into the floor. Then, you have to dig a hole. After which, the safe is placed into the hole and more concrete is poured to cover the area. This will firmly ground the safe and protect it from being physically removed during a burglary. So, those who are looking for top-quality floor safes can rely on companies like as they stock a huge range of floor safes at the market’s best prices.