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    Finally there's an accurate biometric handgun safe, MADE IN THE USA! The INPRINT warrants the security of all your valuable items, including important documents, jewelry, medication, money, firearms, personal effects,and more. The simple interface allows for quick and easy set up and operation. The INPRINT can also mount directly to any flat surface including closets, floors, cabinets and vehicles.

    • Biometric Capabilities
    • Single Finger Operation
    • Rugged 16 Gauge Steel Construction
    • Solid State Electronics
    • 9 Volt Battery with Low Battery Alert
    • Jack for Optional A/C Adapter
    • Simple enrollment and Reconfiguration Capability
    • Stores up to 15 Fingerprints
    • The lowest FAR (False Acceptance Rate) in the industry: 1 in 100,000
    • Maintains a very low FRR (false rejection rate)
    • Spring Loaded Door for Quick Access
    • Soft Interior Foam Lining
    • Key Back-Up
    • Each key is unique and can't be replaced. This level of security means no other key can get into your Inprint.
    • Mounting Holes for Ease of Installation
    • Proudly made in America

    *Please Note - Custom colors could take up to 30 days to ship. Please check the availability above or call for the most up-to-date availability

    Optional Accessories:

    A/C Adapter
    ***Included FREE with purchase from***
    When powered by our A/C adapter the lnprint is constantly at the ready. The constant power means the device can bypass the 1 second wake up process and open nearly instantly.

    Mounting Bracket
    The INPRINT mounting bracket is designed to provide you a quick and easy means of securing your INPRNT to any flat surface. The kit includes the secure base plate and all mounting hardware necessary for normal installations. As an added benefit the INPRINT can be quickly removed and secured to base plates in multiple locations and provide you quick access anywhere you go.

    Storage Shelf
    Increase the storage capacity of your INPRINT through simply adding an INPRINT storage shelf. The shelf is free standing and custom designed to specifically fit your INPRINT. Each package contains one 5.5" deep half shelf for storing small accessory items and installs in seconds.


    • Overall: 11"W x 12"D x 7"H
    • Door Opening: 9"W x 4.25"H
    • Weight: 15 lbs.

    1 Year Limited Warranty

    9G Products INP001 INPRINT Biometric Safe

    Hey there! This is Shannon with And I wanted to take some time to talk about an awesome pistol safe on the market today. It’s the 9G Inprint Biometric Security Device.

    Made right here is the USA and setting themselves as the industry standard, 9G has pulled out all the stops with their Inprint vault. Boasting the lowest False Acceptance Rate (FAR) in the industry, while maintaining a very low False Rejection Rate (FRR), this biometric pistol safe has earned its spot as one of our best sellers in this category. It is recommended that you program several of your fingerprints into the device. However, further distinguishing them from competitors, 9G’s system has onboard memory, so all 15 fingerprints (the maximum number of prints that can be programmed) are accessed quickly and at equal speed.

    Its convenience is undeniable. Highly portable and capable of being mounted just about anywhere, it’s perfect for the bedside, closet, drawer, vehicle, motor home or even a hotel room. You are free to use the predrilled mounting holes to secure it down, or purchase an optional mounting bracket. If you choose the option of the mounting bracket, you can then move the unit to another location by easily reaching inside and taking off the specially made wing nuts. 9G has also design the Inprint to accommodate a half shelf, which helps maximize the interior storage.

    Powered by a 9 volt battery, which should last for about a year with regular use, there is also an AC adapter available as an alternative power supply. And though 9G doesn’t anticipate the need for one, a backup key is included, just as a precaution. However, you’ll want to take great care with the key; they are unique to your vault and cannot be duplicated or replaced…just another safety and security feature provided by 9G.

    Honestly, I feel that 9G has one of the best biometrics available. Our customer response has been nothing but complimentary. Impressed with the Inprint’s construction, ease of use and security, consumers have expressed their continued confidence in this pistol vault. So, if you are looking for one of the best options to store your handguns, jewelry, medication or cash, all secured with leading technology, you can definitely trust in 9G.

    Overall Customer Rating of 18 Reviews:
    Paso Robles, CA.

    Great little safe

    This is the perfect safe for my two hand guns, I built a little stand alone shelf for it. Finger scan works every time, very reliable, great price, easy to install with the optional base plate. Plenty of room, I have my 1911 and my Sig220 in it and still have room for my mags and some documents.


    VERY reliable fingerprint reader. Has not failed to open. Have purchased other brands that would consistently fail to open possibly due to my older fingers with less defined ridges and valleys. This reader overcomes those problems. This safe is well worth the extra money over the less expensive biometric safes.

    Excellent Product, Excellent Price

    This safe works awesome. It was not very expensive for a biometric, and it works great. There are keyed safes out there in the same size for way more money. I know, because I started out with one of them, and not to mention brands, but it didn't work and I returned it. The one thing you don't want in a safe of this type is it not to work, even one time, because that could be the one time you need it. We test this safe all the time, and it never fails. Once you learn how to slide your finger across the sensor, it works every time. The only thing I wish it had come with is a security cable.


    Easy to program, and opening worked well with finger scan. Liked that it was made in USA


    Great Product

    I bought two of these safes and so far they have performed excellently. I open the safes about once a day and they have performed well each time. I would recommend these to anyone who owns a pistol and wants the security of knowing only you and whoever else that you want can only open the safe, also the quick access is great. The door just flies open.