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Item #: GSE-16-MB-E
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Price: $899.95
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    Gun Safe Elite Fire Resistant Safe w/ Electronic Lock - 16-Gun

    Comparable Safe Features:
    Body Thickness: 13 Gauge
    Fire Rating: 30 Minutes at 1400 Degrees
    Locking Bolts: 8, 1.5" Diameter
    Bolt Coverage: 4 Sides
    Max Long Gun Capacity: 16
    Weight: 362 lbs.
    External Dimensions: 59"H X 23..38"W X 20.75"D (add 3" for handle)
    Internal Dimensions: 56.32"H X 20.69"W X 14.72"D

    This Gun Safe can keep your ammo and firearms secure and out of harms reach. With the added comfort of a electronic lock, only you have access to this safe, erasing any worries of your personal belongings being taken or used by someone else. It is also a fire resistant safe giving you that extra piece of mind. This safe offers reliable organized storage for your guns and ammo while maintaining their security.

    Stack-On E-16-MB-E Gun Safe Features & Benefits:

    • These safes are California DOJ-approved firearms safety devices that meet the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.
    • ETL fire rated to manufacturer’s specifications for 30 minutes up to 1400° F.
    • 4 way locking with up to 5 large, live action locking bolts and 3 solid steel dead bolts, providing 8 locking points.
    • All models include reinforced doors which resist drill attacks.
    • Includes Stack-On’s patented gun barrel rests and patented standoffs for scoped guns. Standoffs allow scoped guns to stand upright in the safe without taking extra space.
    • Safes include pre-installed, fully carpeted interiors.
    • Pre-drilled mounting holes in the steel bottom of the safe allow for easy attachment to the floor. Fastening hardware is included.
    • Includes 1 removable shelf.
    • Electronic lock includes operational lights for open, low battery warning and incorrect entry. There is a time out period after 3 incorrect attempts.
    • Batteries are accessible from the front of the safe and are easy to replace.
    • A drill resistant hardened steel plate is located behind the lock for greater security. A trouble key is included.
    • Exterior has a black epoxy paint finish with chrome accents and silk-screen on the door.


    • Exterior: 59"H X 23..38"W X 20.75"D(Not including handle)
    • Interior: 56.32"H X 20.69"W X 14.72"D
    • Weight: 362 lbs.

    These safes are California DOJ approved firearms safety devices that meet the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder. 

    • Limited Lifetime Guaranty for damage due to Theft or Fire
    • Limited 5 Year Warranty for material and workmanship

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