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Item #: SEC-­100-­12R
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SecureIt Tactical Model 44 Video - Movie
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    Brand Details

    SecureIt Tactical Inc.'s exclusive line of modular, component based storage solutions have set a new standard of operational excellence in modern arsenals all over the world. They have consulted on, designed and installed weapon storage systems in all branches of the military, special operation groups, US federal agencies and law enforcement communities. Working directly with armorers and weapon specialists has produced a wealth of knowledge contributing to their flexible weapon storage solutions and ergonomically engineered armory design services. SecureIt Tactical Inc. is committed to meeting your mission objectives while maximizing your units productivity.

    Product Details

    SecureIt Tactical's weapon storage platform was designed to address the needs of US Army Special Forces where high value gear and a wide variety of weapon types must be efficiently organized and stored. SecureIt's tactical racks are currently used by all branches of the military in all theaters of operations. This same level of efficiency is now offered to civilians to organize and store firearms, optics and gear with military efficiency. Modular adjustable shelves, bin and trays provide a great deal of organized storage for ammunition, optics, chokes, cleaning supplies and other gear.

    This Model 44 gun cabinet properly stores 12 rifles up to 41" in length with SecureIt's CradleGrid system. Cabinet may be stacked and individually locked.


  • 44" height works well in smaller areas
  • CradleGrid system adjusts on the fly to store ANY firearm
  • straight-line access ­allows you to reach each firearm without moving others
  • organizational awareness improves visual inventory
  • accessories adjust on louvered grid for unlimited configurations

  • Specifications

    • 44"h x 36"w x 15"d all welded steel cabinet
    • Weight: 185lbs
    • patented CradleGrid system for 12 rifles
    • bi-fold doors with nine point locking system