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Item #: M10E
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Price: $49.95

    About the Brand

    In the safe business for over 20 years, Fortress is owned by the Heritage Safe Company, a solid player in the home safes sector, setting the standard in security, value and elegance with Made in the USA, custom made Safe products. Heritage is most known for creating Pyro-Shield, an innovative fire protection for safes, and patented pre-resistant notch bolts.

    About the Product

    The Fortress-M10E is a small safe designed to fit small items that you might want locked down, like eReaders, cell phones, passports, wallets, flash drives, knives, weapons and other small valuables. Because of its small surface space, it’s a great safe to use at home, the office or while traveling. Passports and wallets can easily be lost or grabbed by thieves. With this small vault, you have a much better opportunity to protect your items from being stolen.

    Product Features

    • Designed with a “lock it down” cable system, making the product highly secure
    • Reinforced cable is 2X thicker than any other cabled boxes
    • The Quik Lok™ Programmable dial lock offers an easy to secure systems with no key required
    • The Secure It™ Protection keeps all valuables in place and safe from any possible damage or theft


    • 10 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
    • Lifetime Attack Warranty
    • 2.8h X 5.7w X 8.7d
    • 6 Pounds


    • Lifetime Attack Warranty
    • 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 1-year Satisfaction Guarantee