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Item #: GS1030
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Price: $329.00

    If a rigid and enduring safe is what you are looking for, then this Console Vault Red Herring Wall Safe is the best pickup available. This high caliber safe boasts of superior make and the finest features to please your storage needs. This diversion wall safe’s door is constructed of 12 gauge plate steel, while the interior body is even more solid with a safe body of 16 gauge steel. The lock pocket is completely merged into the body of the safe providing it a flat look.

    The lock is completely mechanical, so there is no headache for you to recharge the batteries or depend on the power source. Just set your personal code or combination to open the safe, it’s as easy as pie. This wall safe is perfectly designed to fit within home or office wall studs with a 16 inch insertion into the wall. It takes only 15-20 minutes for you to make it secure and then leave it.

    It offers enticing features with great functionalities:

    • An easy and quick 20 minute installation.
    • 3 Numbers Mechanical Combination Lock.
    • A drill resistant enduring lock.
    • Features to set and reset your own custom lock combination.
    • It can be concealed just by using a picture or furniture.
    • It has Pre-drilled mounting holes.
    • Comes equipped with a built in gun holster.
    • The safe is designed to provide immediate access to your hand gun even in Low Light or No Light conditions.


    • Outside: 17.25"W x 14.25"H x 3.5"D
    • Inside: 14.25"W x 11.75"H x 3.25"D
    • Door: 13.75"W x 11.25"H
    Limited 1 year warranty
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    N. Cal.

    Diversion Safe

    This product has been the ideal addition to our home security plan. Items such as a defensive handgun, an extra magazine, jewelry, backup drives, keys and documents are secured out of plain site. Operation is simple and straight forward even in low/no light. Setting the combo was simple and installation was easy as well. This wasn't inexpensive but, I believe that you get what you pay for.