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    Cannon C30 Gun Safe Series 28 Gun:

    The Cannon Series offers elegance without compromise, with the same advantages found on safes costing hundreds more. This series boasts detail in quality, like titanium-plated locking bolts, three-spoke handle and keypad. The stunning yet simple silk-screened logo and hand-finished pin striping will be welcomed into any décor. Inside the safe the easy-out gun racks, adjustable shelving and multi-use feature will make a warm, cozy environment for you most precious belongings.

    Cannon C30 Gun Safe Series 28 Gun Features & Benefits:

    • Door Thickness: 1 1/2"
    • Body Thickness: 12 gauge


    • Beveled edge unibody construction
    • Pre-drilled bottom for bolting to floor
    • Heavy 12-gauge
    • Pre-drilled dehumidifier hole

    High Security Door:

    • Massive 1 1/2" double-steel composite door (greater than 3/16" total steel)
    • 1" Active-locking bolts - top and side
    • Type 1 Electronic Lock
    • Surefire multiple re-lockers
    • 3 layers extra-hard, 60+ RC hard-plate
    • Truelock internal hinges
    • 3-spoke handle

    Interior: Designed to be used for just about anything of value.

    • New pivoting lights 2010
    • Fully adjustable design
    • Upholstered finished shelving
    • Upholstered inside walls
    • Upholstered door panel
    • 2 plug electrical outlet built right in the wall of the safe


    • Electric dehumidifier
    • Door-panel pistol kit

    Certified Fire Protection:

    • Intertek-ETL Verified - 1200� for 60 minutes
    • UL-listed 5/8" liner on all six walls (door included)
    • Triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal
    • Heat-activated door seal that expands many times its size when exposed to heat.
    • Dimensions: 36"W x 60"H x 24"D
    • Weight: 720 lbs.
    ZERO COST - LIFETIME WARRANTY, which means you are actually protected from fire, flood, attempted break-in and manufacture defects - FOR LIFE. Cannon is the only company to offer Free parts, Free labor, and Free freight for repair of your safe after a burglary, flood or fire FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE SAFE.

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