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Item #: GS24ECCEL
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $839.95
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    Bighorn 24ECC Classic Gun Safe: 26 Gun Safe/ 30 Minute Fire:

    Meets or exceeds the California Department of Justice requirements for an approved firearm safety device under CA Penal Code section 12087, et seq.

    The Bighorn Classic 24ECC will give you unparalleled peace of mind and security against fire and theft. This safe features heavy bodied construction, 30 minute/1200 degree fire protection, fine styling and interior, and the industry's best warranty and customer service. The Bighorn Classic series are the best value you can find.

    Bighorn 24ECC Classic Gun Safe Features & Benefits:

    • 480 lbs.
    • 4 sided door bolt protection
    • UL® Residential Security Container  
    • Durable baked on powder coat semi-gloss copper vein
    • Commercial grade UL Listed electric lock  
    • Deluxe 5 spoke vault style handle
    • Oversized hinges with decorative hinge caps
    • Easy to remove shipping feet (no troublesome wood pallet)

    Security Features:

    • Heavy bodied construction – 480 lbs.
    • 1.5” thick door
    • UL Listed electronic lock
    • 3 layer armored hard plate to protect the lock
    • Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed
    • 10 total locking door bolts, 1.25" diameter, 3 sides active, 1 side dead bolt 

    Fire Protection:

    • 30 minute/1200 degree fire rating
    • Expandable door seal – helps keep out smoke and heat
    • Fully lined, no uncovered hot spot areas like internal hinge designs


    • Thick, quality automotive grade upholstery
    • Holds up to 26 long guns
    • Adjustable shelving
    • Predrilled for anchoring to the floor
    • Predrilled for dehumidifier
    • External hinge door, fully opening provides greater access than internal hinged designs 

    Rhino Metals States the following about delivery:

    Before you sign the delivery receipt and let the driver leave

    • Ensure you have received every piece noted on your packing slip.
    • Inspect every piece individually. Make sure they have no exterior damage, open properly, and that the interior is intact.
    • If any damage has been found, make detailed notes on the delivery receipt and contact the shipper immediately.
    • You have the right to refuse the freight if there is any freight damage. If you choose to do so, call us at 1-800-540-1695
    • Failure to comply with these instructions may void warranty.


    • External: 30"W x 24"D x 59"H - 24.5 cubic feet (apprx)
    • Internal: 28.5"W x 18"D x 57.5"H - 14.8 cubic feet (apprx)
    • Rifle Capacity: 26 Gun
    • Weight: 480 lbs.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty:

    The Rhino Safe Co. Metals, Inc. offers the original purchaser, a limited lifetime warranty covering defects in workmanship and material, and damage by attempted or actual break-in, see owner’s manual for details.

    Rhino Metals recommends that the safe be bolted to the floor

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Excellent Quality Safe

    • Very Good Quality
    • Strong Smell From Interior
    We recieved our Safe last weekend and I'm very pleased with the looks and quality build of this Safe. It's nicer than I expected quite frankly and I've seen other more expensive Safes that aren't as nice as this one. The only two discrepancies I've noticed are the interior shelves are not quite level and there is a strong chemical smell from the inside that needs to be aired out with a fan for a couple of days. Other than that I'm well satisfied !


    • price was great and the quality was exce
    • The inside has a heavy smell
    Safe was as stated in product review. Received in about one week.I would buy from again

    Nicer than expected

    I''m very pleased with this safe, it''s better than some of the more expensive ones that I have seen. the inside shelves are movable so you can arrange things the way you like it.

    It''s super sturdy and it has a nice glossy textured surface which makes it look even tougher. Only downside is the kind of flimsy keypad on it, but that''s the only downside.

    You can change the battery on the outside so you dont have to worry about it not opening if the battery runs out.

    Antioch California

    We''re thrilled with this Safe

    Our safe was delivered yesterday and is just impressive! We are using it as a safe for our store so we changed the configuration on the interior, but this is Awesome! The safe we had was junk, this one is ROCK solid and just feels like it. It blends with the interior of our store cosmetically. We''re thrilled! Thank you Gunsafes!

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